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About This File

Author : Goresh

Release Date : 2009

This update includes several fixes:

Renamed each cars files to correct the saved race bug, my fingers are crossed this will fix the online issues too.

Renamed engine files so they are now constructor and chassis specific, once again, hoping to eliminate the online mismatches found with the V2.0 version of the mod.

Included in the track folders you'll find icons for all GPC 1979 tracks. Betty Swollox was kind enough to create and share these. Big thanks for this.

This pack includes all fixes for GBDs (correct cars entry),

Championship Files (According to the latest Motorfx versions) and

Track folder's names for Skins/Icons. Thnx Danny.

I've also compiled a list of files that need to be deleted prior to installing the V2.5 mod. Hopefully this will be used and help to ease the update from v2.0 to v2.5.

I forgot to credit the Rfactor team in this thread, my error and I apologize.

Grand Prix 1979 for Rfactor by Grand Prix Classics


Shutt1e (car, cockpit and track modelling);

Motorfx (cockpit textures, track modelling, editing and textures);

Tony (car and helmet model & textures);

Alesifan (tyre 3d model and textures);

Vassalfada (sounds);

Lord_Kamder (artwork);

Simioni (physics and general editing).


Antonio "_Chacal__" and Alfredo "amrharry" for original creation and conversion of the excellent Jarama track;

Chris Squir, for providing the base for Watkins Glen conversion;

ferrari27, for the original conversion of Dijon to rfactor;

Vortex17, for several additional car and track textures;

Crusse, for Monaco textures;

Don from www.liveforspeed.net, for Monaco sky;

Cubits, for providing a couple of useful solutions in his work for the Caterham mod;

Hiroto, for his reflection cubemap.dds file made available at RSC;

Thorsten Reuter for work on Kyalami and Monaco cameras;

Pete Walsh from RfactorCentral for doing what he does so well;

Race Sim Central for providing the forum that helped the development of this mod;

ISI for the creation of RFACTOR.

We´d like to to thank the continuous support from the entire AutoSimSport crew, Team Redline, Eddie Matapayos and

the whole GPLBR league.

We also take the opportunity to thank the contribution of our beta testing team: besides the aforementioned, Jack

Ulstad, Michael Hausknecht, Steve Smith, Alison Hine, Aristotelis Vasilakos and Giuseppe Martini.


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