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Author : motorfx

RaceOn Version - GTR2 Version - GT Legends Version

Another track for the 75 period, Reworked the earlier released 70's monza to resemble the 75 layout, included various pit extras ... not so many textures changed apart for pits walls and odd barriers I mainly added more barriers, some battered and changed the track layout to include the 2 chicanes one at Ascari and one on the main straight,. for the 73-75 period .. track length slightly changed to 5,780km. left the kerbing a bit lower on the main straight chicane so all cars make it through okay. whereas the Ascari Chicane uses higher curbing... I know the 73chicane was slightly tighter than in 74 and 75, so I sort of used a bit artistic licence again :)

Included my " pits.mas" that as the 70's style car jack and air gun ..I made for use with 75 trackpack, ..... if you want to use the new pit crew, as can be seen in 75 Kyalami pics.. just drop the included "pits.mas" into your vehicles/ car folder/ of your choice, they will be used with those cars only and will not overwrite the default "pits mas" and easily deleted if you wish to revert to default or another.. .. hope you have fun!


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