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Vintage Formula Vee 1.0 1.00

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About This File

Author : Strava

Release Date : 2010

Vintage Formula Vee Mod by Strava.

This is V1.0, which has been well received by both rFactor drivers and (former) real-life Vee drivers.

Monster horsepower at 65 BHP and *still* huge fun to drive!

(For the uninitiated: Formula Vee was a mid-sixties series where racers bought or built their wingless mini Formula racecars based on an ordinary VW Beetle. In this series, originally the regular 1200cc engine, suspension and wheels were used, only slight tuning was allowed, gradually upping the BHP from about 40 in 1965 to around 60 near 1970. As a dirt-cheap racing formula, it was a big success in both Europe, the US and Australia. This Vintage mod depicts these kind of original Vees, giving speeds of up to 180 kph.

Later on, more tuning was allowed and faster, bigger 1600cc engines as well, gradually growing into Super Vee and away from the original low-cost formula. These cars are still raced today, while some 'smaller' Vee series, like in Canada, stick more to the original 1200cc format.)

From the Readme:

Vintage Formula Vee mod for rFactor

Copyright 2009 Strava

Three Formula Vee cars from the mid to late 60's

Bobsy - Probly the first prototype made by Bobsy

Vega - a much later Bobsy design.

Wedge - a one off fiberglass body

This mod was made to conform to the SCCA specs for FV.

Almost all components MUST be stock VW.

When fully tuned and balanced the flat 4 1200cc engin can produce about 65hp at 7000 rpm

The tires are 60's era bias ply street tires.

The gearbox is restricted to the few gear sets available for the Bug & Transporter.

The performance of all Vs is almost identical. That, combined with the low HP, modest grip and limited gear ratios makes it very much a driver's race. Being smooth and finding the perfect line is required to win.

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