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  1. Donington Park

    by Senormen
    Texture and material update for dx11.
    Some logo changes.
    Kerb issues with some cars remain.



  2. Poznan Circuit

    Author : feels3
    - package includes two layouts, Race Weekend and Track Day,the second one is excacly the same as first one but with reduced to minimum pitlane details (for lower PC specs).
    - package includes two vmods, with two ISI cars, Corvette and Skip Barber.
    - track has prepared custom textures for Real Road shader, and custom ambient sounds
    - track contains 3d crowd, and 3d trees
    - track uses default HDR profile (feel3 to create your own)
    - best compromise between quality and performance: shadows and details – medium
    - some of you may have some issues with reflections on trackside objects (knowing rf2 issue) , patch is planned when ISI fix this.
    - karting circuit is not avaliable yet (I’m waiting until ISI releases first go-kart)
    - 3d bumps modeled in cooperation with real drivers who has experience with racing @Poznan Circuit
    Special thanks for support during development:
    Krzysztof Szczech, Lesiu, Maxym, Matias, NAD, tOm, Grochol, Marcin89, Bartek Mirecki, Mclaren – Simracing.pl team
    And also big thanks for support to guys from ISI forum.



  3. Barbagallo

    Author : Nibiru
    Basically re-textured 70% of objects to fit in with rF2 and where I could I recycled ISI textures. I have made a few new animated objects and replaced some TSO's with ISI TSO's.
    There is still a few things to do but here is taste of what's to come. Thanks to Papaosa for the awesome video
    Original Track: Darren Blythe
    Conversion: Nibiru
    Objects: Darren Blythe, Nibiru, ISI
    Textures: Darren Blythe, Nibiru, ISI
    Cam File: Hexogramme
    AIW: Hexogramme
    Promo Video: Papaosa

    The wait is over
    First up thanks to Darren Blythe for making this track and then allowing me to convert it over.
    2nd Thanks to Hexagramme for making the AIW
    Also a big thanks to all the guys at xfactorracing.com for all the testing and downloading they did.
    Not very much left to do so it's time for the public test and see what you guys find. I welcome your feedback so I can try and make it the best I can. The CAM file needs some work.
    Fixed the z-fighting tree last turn
    Fixed z-fighting on small hut (last turn)
    made the uvw mapping of the cube map on the windows smaller and reduced the reflectiveness
    Lowered the lip around the track on the corners and race line.
    Redbull tents now cast a shadow.
    Re-textured the railing on the G stand
    new cam file
    replaced some trees



  4. [rF2] F1RFT 2013 Trackpack

    Extract the contents of the trackpack zip file into the Packages directory and let the Mod-manager install the tracks/single-components. Note: there are 2 versions of the German GP, the Nürburgring has “OLD” in front of its file name, whereas the Hockenheimring is the normal one. Make sure you only install one of them, not both.



  5. Updated

  6. GHD Trieste (Trieste-Opicina)

    Conversion of Bojan Pintar’s spectacular vintage Italian Hill Climb.



  7. Magnificent Park

    Magnificent Park 0.98 by Nibiru
    Some of you may remember this track from rFactor. I have been in contact with the original creator HarySeb and he has given me permission to convert this track over to rFactor2. I have been working on this track for a while now and used it as a guinea pig and testing ground for Oran Park. With the release of gJED I thought I'd have a play with it and start to finish the track off in gJED. I hope to have something for you to try soon.
    About the track
    Although unique is a much over-used word in racing, it can rightly be referred to Magnificent Park. Not only is the french circuit the only one that crosses over itself, but this fact means that it is also a circuit that runs both clockwise and anti-clockwise. The paddock host to a huge 360-degree staging and a futuristic complex built on a natural setting.
    Designed as a test track for the Saab Motor Company in 1989 by frenchman Sebastien Hary, it was mainly used for vehicle development. After hosting numerous races in lower formula, Magnificent Park began its quest to host the second french 24h endurance happening, a feat it managed in 2006, when it took the honour away from Le Mans. Although the grand prix returned to Le Mans for 2007 and
    2008 the race is now confirmed to take place at Le Mans till 2010. By 2011 Le Mans and Magnificent Park will be host the two french races for LMS championship.
    An extremely fast and technical circuit, Magnificent Park is popular with drivers and spectators alike and has some notorious corners including Green Saints, Helter Skelter and The Edge. The circuit closed for a year in 2009 in order to make revisions necessary for LMS, it re-opened on December 6, 2010 for his first race date on December 13, 2010.
    v0.98 change log
    AIW tweaked
    Cams tweaked



  8. Las Vegas Motor Speedway 2017

    Las Vegas Motor Speedway 2017 by machine



  9. Circuito Cartagena v1.02 by Paulmarc Racing

    Circuito Cartagena 1.02 Paulmarc Racing - Official WebSite
    It includes: realroad, rain reflections, animated marshals, new AIW file, improved road textures…
    changelog v1.02:
    AIW fixed, more competitive AI, block path added (ai cars can now block you), 2 options included: normal layout, and no chicane-cutting allowed (special for online racing…tyres present at chicane -collision activated-).



  10. Zolder 2016 by Paulmarc Racing

    Zolder 2016 by Paulmarc Racing - Official WebSite
    Releasing a complete version of Zolder (conversion).
    Reworked the road mesh in 3dsMax to allow realroad to work fine. Also the AIW is done from scratch to allow all rfactor2 features (block path added). Rain reflections and marshals also included in the track. All textures remapped to rfactor2 standards.



  11. Croft Circuit

    Updated with kind permission of Feels3 by senormen

    some of the works carried out for v1.01sm . . . but not restricted to . . .
    - repositioned garage spots behind garage building and created new path to main pitlane.
    - repositioned tents and added cones for new pit path.
    - reworked tree and crowd transparency and shaders.
    - added ambient sounds in garage area.
    - reworked track shader.
    - replaced flags with animated ones reworked from isi.
    - reworked track markings in pitlane.
    - created shadow objects for trees.
    - various gdb, scn and aiw edits.
    Changes carried out without access to textures therefore not an easy task
    Have fun . . . Senormen



  12. Las Tres Millas

    Author : Euskotracks
    It is a pleasure for Euskotracks to share with this community version 1.36 of our last work: Tres Millas (Three Miles)
    Tres Millas is an imaginary permanent race track located in the mountains inspired in the old days. Its name is coming, as you probably guessed, from its length, 4828 meters, exactly three miles. Its continous up and downs and good variety of turns will challenge the skills of all type of drivers since it has been designed to hold any class of vehicle. Its tricky entry to the finish straight ending in the fast chicane right after the finish line, the braking after the tunnel and the endless uphill left handed turn will make the difference between good and bad drivers.
    Future versions of this track will hopefully include lights and reflections to make it fun as well for night or rainy races. Hopefully as well, surpassing the pitlane exit line will not be allowed and will be considered cutting. I hope you enjoy driving it!!
    Euskotracks is an amateur track modding team composed by Borimoli, Spaskis and Xavi77.



  13. Blackwood

    Author : Leonardo 1962
    This is my first track for release, its a conversion of the LFS Track.
    Blackwood has one road- and one rallycross course (plus reversed directions),
    situated in England's countryside. Blackwood is known for its versatility,
    because it contains a bit of everything.
    This environment is also available in the LFS S2 demo.
    I release a fixed version of Blackwood track.
    Filename : Blackwood_102.rfcmp
    + no mirror visibility of tires and cones in SCN File to get more frames.
    + reduced the number of visible cones to get more frames.
    + The realroad now looks better and gets dirty how it should be with rubber graining
    + fixed GDB files to prevent ctd
    + changed wp_pathinfo1 in AIW, but files still some AIW will do a roll over
    (funny to see and a good opportunity to take over)
    + introduced a small Podium at the pitbuilidng
    + reduced Cameras positions and improved camera-movements
    + fixed the DRS Zone (now working at the long stright line, but no DRS Signs)
    + reworked start light, should work now also in single and multiplayer
    + fixed Objects and scn parameters to increase framerate
    + some more objects for ReflectionMapper
    + rebuild some objects



  14. Sydney 500

    Sydney 500 by Halil Sezer



  15. Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours

    Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours v1.45 by Digga



  16. Road America 2016 by Bela Valko

    Here is Road America 2016 v1.0.
    - I consider this a version 1.0 however I know there are things on the track I could improve but I won't have time in the next months. This track modding is like there is always something you can fix/do better on the track
    - the track was made with 3D trees so the performance is low, you need a good PC
    - despite my efforts the track doesn't look like how I wanted to look like because the game limits the maximum shadowcasting range: https://forum.studio-397.com/index.php?threads/gjed-vs-devmode-vs-rf2.53553/
    - I spent much more time with the AI than on Mosport to make sure it's competitive but I couldn't figure out how to make it faster in the kink (turn 11). It's a very high speed corner and some cars just don't want to behave how I want it if you find that certain car/mod is slow in the kink then increase the AI strength, they will gain time mostly there by gaining grip. Cars which slow down too much in my experience: ISI Nissan GTR/Chevrolet GT2, Stockcar 2015. Obsiously I couldn't test all the mods. The URD and the Enduracers mods are good.
    - this track was a one person project from start to finish. Thanks to hexagramme for the advices (AI) and Steve76 who made the racegroove mapping. Thanks for the testing Emery and Chris Lesperance
    - if my time let me to do it I will make an update with the bend version (I couldn't finish this) and with billboard trees or X trees and some optimizations
    - right now this is the best I can do



  17. Circuito Monteblanco

    Circuito Monteblanco V1.1 rFactor2 by Paulmarc 2016
    Track made from scratch. The real track allows 26 different layouts and it includes 3 independent pit-lanes. In this version 1 you will be able to drive 10 different layouts.
    Copyright © 2016 Paulmarc Tracks. All rights reserved.
    -Not for commercial purposes.
    -This track is freeware and cannot be sold or used in any kind of commercial distribution.
    -Only for personal use.
    Real track website: http://www.circuitomonteblanco.com/
    You can check layout 4 onboard here:



  18. Watkins Glen

    Watkins Glen by Machine
    Watkins Glen Stockcar is a ~2.5 mile road course with 11 corners.
    It is a service update of a track originally built for rFactor 1.
    Watkins Glen Indycar is a ~3.4 mile road course with 11 corners.
    It is a service update of a track originally built for rFactor 1.
    Most of the fixes:
    New repaving road texture.
    Concrete patches removed as per repave.
    Pit box texture corrected at ends.
    Grass verges fixed at pit exit, before bus stop and various other spots.
    Narrow road section before bus stop fixed.
    Added poly's in turn 2 to remove noticable feeling of poly's when driving.
    Kerbs and track edge lines swapped in from American Stockcar and sharp edges removed from kerbs.
    Tyre marks on runoff areas have collision removed. (cause of invisible wall feeling)
    Some texture albedo corrections in runoff areas.
    New high definition grass detail texture.
    Slight reallignment of wall in the esses to remove sharp corner.
    Slight change to blending of grass verges.
    Added secondary kerbs in bus stop.
    Removed kerb and added realroad to runoff at exit of carousel.
    Removed excess grass that was showing in odd places.
    Completely new AIW file.
    Reconfigured some sandy edges.
    The AI run quite good. 100% AI strength recommended if your an elite driver.
    They are a little slow through the esses, the carousel, and exit of last left hander. Hints for where you can pass: Get a run up for the first 2, or get a low exit and pass on the left (tirn 10) Watch my video, as I do all 3 passes.
    As I mentioned, I added the boot version also. The AI Dallaras are fun to race against. There was only a few small changes and a new AIW to get the boot version running.
    This is a fill in track until the VLM track becomes available.
    v0.6 is first public release.
    The original author of this track is unknown. I did quite a bit of digging. This track was created using Bobs Track Builder, probably a very early version as some of the geometry on the track surface was different to later versions of Bobs Track Builder.
    The earliest direct link I could find was a Spanish language site with a rF2 conversion. 0.4e. Sim Raceway's Watkins Glen used the source of this track as a base. American Stockcar also used it as a base. I found a conversion of Sim Raceway to an rF1 track. Comparison showed that this track is pre Sim-Raceway. Thanks goes out to the person who built this track.
    Configuration: Road Course is enforced.



  19. Road America

    Road America version 1.41 for rFactor2



  20. Le Mans Bugatti by ECAR Tracks

    Author : ECAR Tracks
    Il team ECAR Tracks ha finalmente rilasciato per rFactor 2 la versione definitiva 1.0 del mitico circuito francese di Le Mans Bugatti. Si tratta del tracciato "corto" rispetto a quello utilizzato per la famosa 24 Ore de La Sarthe. Come vedete dalle immagini di anteprima, si tratta di un download che gli appassionati del simulatore ISI non possono lasciarsi sfuggire !
    Le Bugatti Circuit is a French race track located in Pays the Loire - Le Mans. The famous 24 Heures du Mans race take place in this site, using the main straight, the boxes structure and the Dunlop esses. This is the short version of La Sarthe 24 hours circuit.
    Notes of v1.00
    First track segment totally rebuilt (T1 and small straight before Dunlop esses) to get rid excessive bumping (fixed wrong elevation data).
    Redone track's night lighting, eliminated TGA textures, grouped light glows for optmization.
    Moved time-strap sectors
    Corrected Pit-Out position to avoid incorrect penalty due leaving pits before green and corrected pit and start-lights behavior
    Corrected wrong properties (collide or HAT) of several objects.
    Reshaped tall red kerbs and decreased their height due AI turnovers of some mods with stiff suspension parameters (1).
    Reversed several wrong 3D kerbs direction and remodelled to match the real thing (Yoss' picture database)
    Inserted new tarmac material in negative kerbs zones to accent the force-feedback in those off-tracks
    Increased gravel resistance in sand-pits to match real run-offs observed during 2016 LM 24 heures.
    Added two DRS zones (2)
    Reviewed track cutting parameters in order to outline what is cutting and what is lose control and avoid unfair penalties.
    Improved AI fast line and overall speed to increase offline challenge
    Corrected AI right and left lines to avoid offs when pace laps
    Improved AI pit entry and exit line
    Better AI defensive line, AI is capable to defend its position whitout lose to much time in corner exits
    Reduced some wide corridor zones to avoid AI crazy overtake atempts which would result in disasters.
    Reviewed Track-Side cameras set
    Replaced Safety-Car to a safe place
    Tweaked AI corner speed, reduced slowing when pushed, AI field spread and draft behavior.
    Added specific AI learning files for several cars (3)
    Possibly fixed the Nvidia driver crash that affects many systems using 900 NV series cards (4)
    Created far LOD objects for some high-poly instances
    Full revision of track geometry: corrected smoothing groups, unused channels cleaned, removed overlapping faces, isolated vertices, converted all normals to Gmotor system.
    Created Shadow Groups to improve performance in low end computers
    Created non-rendereable shadow casters for all high poly elements as tyre barriers (performance purposes)
    Remodelled and remapped pit buildings which were carrying a lot of invisible polygons and useless vertices harming the game engine performance aside bad visual aspect.
    Occluded a lot of unnecessary objects from mirrors to improve FPS
    Excluded a number of unnecessary objects from reflected environment and car cube reflections.
    Another pass on track material light properties
    Improved overall ambient by including several track-side vegetation as texture shadow caster (shadow settings = max)
    Replaced placeholders windows frames and other metal structures to final ones.
    Improved terrain ambient occlusion through alpha channel painting
    Inserted grass-tarmac alpha transition
    Corrected excessive vegetation night light reflectance
    All environmental and car-cube reflections were made from scratch, several objects were wrongly quoted in old SCN file.
    Replaced some vertex-coulour painted objects by actual textures
    Added main yard as real-road to darken when raining
    Improved kerbs texture 2048 px and remapping
    New grass with reversed wrong pattern which induces too dark grass areas
    Created detailed far outfield with blended grass texture
    Other minor corrections on texture mapping, replaced concrete textures, etc
    Inserted animated Le Mans Ferris-Wheel taking advantage of rF2 animation system (bones)
    Insert some simple assets in the boxes to improve immersion just in case (used ISI Toban texture)
    Corrected Z elevation of several objects as TSO vehicles
    Replaced temporary MM Arena Football Stadium object to the final one and modelled the park area around
    Added very low-poly TSO cars in park lots
    Added invisible walls to avoid driving out of circuit areas and avoid AI to stuck in any unusual accident
    Added some Real Road pre-saves
    *Additional Notes - V.1.00*
    (1) The red obstacles is lower now but the cut corridors are the same. In addition, the red material have a high tyre-wear value to discourage human players to cut track. I suggest to cars modders to have a special attention on their collision feelers, there're several cars which they are unnecessarily low, producing some bizarre behavior when attacking tall kerbs.
    (2) There's no visual indication of DRS zone so you'll have to keep your eye in car's panel until get used with the start positions.
    (3) It seems rF2 engine is not able to automatically load the AI learning files from package yet. However, when it get fixed the TL3 files are already inserted in a specific MAS file (you might unpack to manually put it in correct folders ore, easier, get in alone in a practice period with fuel usage and damage off, add one AI car and type
    An excellent guide on how to drive it:



  21. Zolder by wgeuze

    I'm away for the weekend so this is quite a rushjob to get this alpha online today as promised. It's definitely very rough around the edges and please, don't mind the visuals. This is the first singleplayer version so now everyone who wants to can have a go at it and feel how it drives. I made the road textures a bit smaller in size (they were 4k) to keep the filesize down. The next one won't be as rough as this one though
    For the news posters, please add the known issues list to your post so people know what they are in for when downloading this track and hopefully won't be disappointed going in with the wrong expectations.
    -- Known Issues --
    - Don't mind the visuals!
    - Main Pitbuilding will be re-textured
    - Performance, nothing has been done to optimize the track yet
    - No proper HDR profile, no priority
    - Saturation/color balance between textures, very low priority
    - AIW Paths not final
    - Startlight broken
    - Ugly temporary buildings for reference
    - Messy white line turn 2 (outside will fix for next version)
    V0.23 Alpha
    - Added new pitwall base model (wip, just so I could place the starterworkers really)
    - Added marshals throughout the track
    - Slightly reduced road noise level for normal road, openwheelers were reported as undriveable



  22. GP Zolder 2016

    Rfactor: GP Zolder 2016 v1.0 by Neel Jani
    Original author SimBin,
    Conversion, modification & improvement Neel Jani,
    In making changes, I used several videos and pictures of the 2016 race,
    I made several changes, withdrew the original advertising models Simbin is put commercials on recorded videos and photos,
    Correction of land and all the objects so that they receive the night lights and shadows,
    Adding lights for night racing,
    Adding other objects,
    Adding and creation of Sponsor,
    Creating image loading & Icon,
    Maximum number of car 30,
    ISI for rFactor
    SimGarage 3DSIMED
    Photoshop CS5
    Google Sketchup
    Good entertainment



  23. Nogaro

    Nogaro 1.8 by Pixsim
    Officially called Circuit Paul Armagnac, the track near Nogaro in south-western France was opened in 1960 and has hosted many notable events ever since. Current races hosted on the track include the FFSA GT championship as well as an annual FIA GT round.



  24. Pocono Raceway

    Pocono Raceway by machine
    Pocono Raceway is a 2.5 mile "Roval" oval. The oval with 3 different corners.
    It is a conversion from an original scratch built track for Stock Car Evolution. (rFactor 1)
    The racing surface has been reworked, adding support for Realroad.
    The AI works well here in the Stockcars. 100% works well.
    This is a fill in track until a new 3PA track becomes available (Possibly up to 2 years)



  25. Mountain Forest

    Mountain Forest for rFactor2 by Mário Morais
    This track is a conversion of my old track "Mountain Florest" from rFactor.
    Is a fantasy track i made in rf1 for fun races. Is great for clios and classics.
    New gmt export in Rf2 build 1080
    AIW fix




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