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rFactor 2 SOLO su Steam !

May 03 2016 06:55 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Software

How do I convert to rFactor 2 Steam version?
Here you will find the full instructions on converting rFactor 2 to Steam.


Can I convert my lifetime online to Steam?
Yes, lifetime will be carried over to your rFactor 2 Steam version.


What happens to my non-Steam yearly online subscription when I convert?
For those who still have a decent amount of time remaining on their account, we can work with them to transfer that time over to Steam. Please use the following email to make the request: steam-up@rfactor.net


Will I still be able to get a Lite version of rFactor 2 on Steam?
To make a “strip down” version of rFactor 2, which looks and behaves exactly like a “Lite” version, you'll simply need to unsubscribe from all content on Steam Workshop.


Can I still install content manually or will I have to use workshop?
No need to choose, both are possible. You will still be able to place .rfcmps and .rfmods in your package folder located in your Steam rFactor 2 directory to install any piece of content manually, exactly the same as before.


Is hosting a dedicated server via Steam very different or more involved?
Actually, Steam offers multiple ways of hosting, and they are all fully compatible.
We now have a dedicated server distribution available via SteamCMD, which functions as a very lightweight version of the Dedicated Server, available to anyone -- no need to log in to the Steam client. Updating the dedicated server distribution is as simple as re-running the command line script once a new Build becomes available.
For Steam client users, via the “Tools” menu in Steam, a separate dedicated server can be installed and will show up as another entry in your gaming library. The server will be auto-updated when new Builds are released, completely maintenance-free for you.
So you can choose between user friendliness and manual flexibility, whichever works best for you.


Will all of my plugins, custom UIs/HUDs, car skins, still be compatible with the Steam version of rFactor 2?
Yes, all external plugins, car skins, and customs UIs/HUDs that are currently compatible with your non-Steam version of rFactor 2 should be fully compatible with the Steam version.


How much longer will the non-Steam version of rFactor 2 be updated?
The update following Build 1084 will be the last update of the non-Steam version.


Will I still be able to run rFactor 2 non-Steam and put up a non-Steam dedicated server in the future?
Yes, there are no plans to remove this feature.


What will happen to the non-Steam matchmaker?
It will continue into the future as well.


I run a league and we might need to stay on a previous Build, is that possible in Steam?
Yes, you can select a previous version

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gRally: la Baitoni - Bondone

Apr 29 2016 03:40 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Software

Marcatore, uno degli artisti del 3D dietro all'atteso progetto denominato gRally, ci spiega le ragioni dei suoi "mal di testa" durante il lavoro di sviluppo della tappa Baitoni - Bondone presente nel simulatore rallystico. Tutti i dettagli sul blog ufficiale, commenti in questo topic del forum.


I’m Marcatore, one of the 3d artists behind gRally. This is my first blog post as a gRally developer and today I’d like to explain what we’re doing on the Baitoni-Bondone stage. In few words: optimizing, optimizing and optimizing. As Mulder explained in the last dev blog post, this stage is our playground to test solutions to problems or to introduce new render technologies, and at the moment, we can’t add anything new due to the low FPS we have…so we have to optimize it if we want to go a step further...

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rFactor 2 Build 1084 disponibile

Apr 28 2016 08:15 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Software

Demo Installer – 1.08GB
Lite Installer – 339MB
Mod/SDK Mode – 356MB

Known issue (see knownissues.txt):
– Lost wheel intermittent repair after driver change, possibly more likely with higher damage percent set. ‘Normal’ damage repairs function as intended.
– There are still some issues with various security suites that we are not in control of. Depending on what software you use, you will need to find a workaround based on how it reacts or what it blocks. We would be grateful to see these false reports passed onto the developers of those suites so that they can whitelist our software.

Build notes:
– Stopped overwriting your own Unsportsmanslike Driving multiplayer setting when you joined a server (should only affect the current setting). This would only matter if you used the same Player.JSON for both servers and clients.
– Fixed sun occlusion bug in showroom.
– Adjusted particle params for rain spray.
– Removed error msg from Mas2.
– Fix for steam launcher getting “Password invalid” when attempting to download missing components from a password-less dedicated server.
– Workaround for lag in options when using Thrustmaster drivers 2016_TTRS_1.
– Rearranged throttle/brake/clutch pedal mappings for Logitech G920 because they will be rearranged with the next Logitech driver/firmware release (which are in Beta as of this writing). If any users continue to use the previous Logitech drivers, they will need to re-map the pedals after loading the Logitech G920 profile.
– Attempt to prevent Knockout Qualifying plugin from overwriting manual grid edits.

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Forza Motorsport 6 Apex open beta il 5/5

Apr 28 2016 02:45 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Software

Con un post sul sito ufficiale, il team Turn 10 Studios ha annunciato il lancio della fase open beta dell'atteso Forza Motorsport 6: Apex, titolo free to play destinato esclusivamente a PC Windows 10, che potrà essere provato a partire dal 5 maggio. Sono stati diffusi anche i requisti minimi e raccomandati per poter giocare la beta di Forza Motorsport 6: Apex, partendo ovviamente dal sistema operativo Windows 10 per il funzionamento.

A new era for the Forza Motorsport series begins on May 5 with the release of the open beta for Forza Motorsport 6: Apex. Crafted specifically for Windows 10, Apex represents the critical first step in the future of the Forza franchise as it expands into Windows 10 PCs. Apex combines the power and performance of DirectX 12 with Turn 10’s racing expertise, our proprietary ForzaTech engine, and Forza’s legacy of stellar content. Most importantly, Forza Motorsport 6: Apex is our way to introduce Forza’s award-winning gameplay to a new audience on Windows 10 and invite a new group of gamers to develop a passion for cars and racing.

Attached Image: 88eb359d-2d27-43f4-b58c-9b07b521456d.jpg Attached Image: Catturaapex.PNG

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KartKraft in nuovi screens

Apr 21 2016 02:50 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Software

Il team Black Delta ha confermato tramite social network che la fase di closed beta del suo KartKraft sta andando avanti secondo quanto previsto. Sono stati inoltre pubblicati alcuni screenshots inediti di anteprima.
Hi Guys, A quick update on ‪#KartKraft‬ and the Closed Beta Test as well as some brand new screens from the CBT. The second wave of keys went out last week to those players who were selected based on their experience, hardware and gaming profile. We’re currently working through bug reports submitted by the current round of testers, as well as adding further features and suggestions from the community on Steam and our forums. Further waves will be coming out each week in the lead up to the Early Access launch, so be sure to keep checking your inbox for an invite to the CBT.


Attached Image: 12998475_10156786507380484_7995956821734255742_n.jpg Attached Image: 12998563_10156786513205484_4462588200854746201_n.jpg Attached Image: 13001188_10156786506395484_3724414489059534875_n.jpg Attached Image: 13062492_10156786506120484_444787170575537352_n.jpg

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Valentino Rossi ci mostra Misano

Apr 21 2016 02:20 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Software

FLAT TRACK: All'interno del tracciato di Misano i piloti si sfidano con moto - chiamate appunto Flat Track Bike - utilizzando una tecnica in curva di scivolata con piede in appoggio - che si rifà a quelle già viste nel Motocross e nel Supermotard - ma che si distacca per la tipologia di terreno e di approccio. Sarà l'abilità del pilota e il tipo di terreno a determinare l'esito della gara.


R1M: I giocatori potranno partecipare a intense gare di allenamento con la Yamaha R1M, la supersportiva realizzata da Yamaha Motor e di cilindrata 1000 cm3, all'interno del circuito di Misano GP. Questa moto è stata realizzata da Yamaha con il supporto di un tester di eccellenza di nome Valentino Rossi che la utilizza nei suoi allineamenti nel circuito di Misano.


Rally: In questa modalità i giocatori indosseranno la tuta da Rally e si lasceranno condurre dal proprio copilota attraverso incredibili manovre scegliendo tra Valentino Rossi, i piloti della VR46 Riders Academy, gli "Amici di Valentino" o il Custom Rider.


Drift: Con questa modalità i giocatori impersoneranno i panni di Valentino Rossi, dei piloti della VR46 Riders Academy o il custom rider e "drifteranno" su 2 differenti piste di Misano con 3 layout ciascuna per un'esperienza a tutto gas.


MotoGP: Partecipa al campionato MotoGP 2016 o alla gara veloce e vivi l'adrenalina di gareggiare su uno dei tracciati simbolo del bel Paese come quello di Misano.


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Audi A1 S1: real vs Assetto Corsa

Apr 20 2016 02:55 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Software

Hello chaps, we're back with a more "human" car this time... Audi A1 S1, AWD, 2litres turbo and... heavy-ish. The car is not yet available on AC but you know it's coming and of course we're working on it, measuring and driving it. What can I say about the car? Well it feels faster than the tech spec numbers a very willing engine to rev up.
Obviously, big amounts of understeer as you might expect... but also some interesting findings. First of all and most evident, is the fact that you can do driving techniques that are usually thought as completely lunatic and arcade (at least on asphalt) and the car will simply do everything you expect.
As a matter of fact, I had tested such driving on the sim, before going on track with the real car. I know I should trust our sim, but still I was impressed to be able to do such extreme driving, right on the 3rd lap of my first try with the car. Also shows the level of development of modern cars and tyres of course. All in all, i was not expecting to have a fun day or a fun video with this car, but in the end we learned more than we have hoped... Side note, the car as a daily street car is small but very well build, very high quality. Check also Maurizio's test video.



fonte AC forum

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Il co-pilota in gRally

Apr 18 2016 10:59 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Software

In un dettagliato post sul nuovo blog ufficiale, il team di gRally ci spiega come sarà implementato il co-pilota, ovvero colui che nel corso della prova ci segnala in anticipo le insidie del tracciato rallystico, nell'atteso simulatore dedicato almondo della derapata.


Hello world! this is the first post I wrote on our new website/blog and I’d like to share some thoughts about the challenges of developing a virtual co-driver that looks like a real co-driver. When I started developing gRally and I needed to hear the pacenotes, so I started with an efficient and basic method: From the stage editor I simply put the notes in the place where I wanted to hear them.

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Live for Speed versione 0.6P

Apr 18 2016 10:45 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Software

Four ways to get version 0.6P :
1) AUTO UPDATER - If you already have version 0.5V or later :
- Click on "Multiplayer" then "List of Hosts" in LFS and choose a download mirror.


2) MANUAL PATCH (2 MB) - If you already have version 0.6M or later :
- Click HERE and save the patch installer.
- You can run the patch installer from its download location or from your LFS folder.


3) MANUAL PATCH (55 MB) - If you already have version 0.6K or later :
- Click HERE and save the patch installer.
- You can run the patch installer from its download location or from your LFS folder.


4) FULL VERSION (418 MB) - If you are new to LFS or making a fresh installation.
- Click HERE to visit the download page and get the full version installer.


Changes from 0.6M to 0.6P :
Translations :
Many translations updated. Thank you translators!

VR :
Support for Oculus Rift CV1 and DK2 using the new 1.3 software
Default HUD field of view is now 70 degrees / HUD distance 0.5m
Improved appearance of top row (ESC / F keys) of virtual keyboard
Rift remote can be used for click / escape / virtual keyboard
IPD slider movement is now detected and a message displayed
Auto-updater is avoided in VR mode (shows helpful options)
Intro replay is avoided if LFS is started in VR mode
OpenVR support updated to 0.9.19


Controllers :
Controllers may be plugged in and detected after LFS is started
Refresh button to detect controllers in Options - Controls screen
Controllers are now sorted (not dependent on order of connection)
Separate controller type settings for with or without controllers
Automatic axis and button assignment for various game controllers
Automatically set Clutch setting to axis if wheel has clutch pedal
Automatic preset is now attempted on first of multiple controllers
Controller screen in game now shows correct pedals and steer gauge
New joystick look mode using two axes to control look direction
Arrow keys can now be assigned to wheel buttons (default D-pad)
Default 900 degrees turn for Logitech G25 / G27 / Driving Force
Attempted reasonable presets for Thrustmaster and DFGT wheels
A scroll bar appears if there are more than 16 available axes
Warning when you press ESC to exit controller setup screen
Removed axis calibration system that had various problems
You can now type in the active range of an axis function
Typed range can exceed input range to reduce axis effect
Look Roll axis function now has a full 360 degree range
Button functions are now easier to see when in car


Fixes :
Axis names were previously displayed wrongly in Options - Controls
It was possible to enter a state where chat box could not be opened

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