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AC: Tripl3‬ Pack, Sopraelevata e Audi S1

Aug 23 2016 04:15 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Software

Fra tre giorni, il 26 Agosto, sarà rilasciata per PC la nuova versione 1.8 di Assetto Corsa che, oltre alle consuete migliorie, porterà con sè anche il DLC Tripl3 pack, con Ferrari FXX K, Ferrari 488 GTB e Praga R1, oltre ai contenuti gratuiti Audi S1 e l'attesissima versione storica 1960 del circuito di Monza con la mitica Sopraelevata! Ricordiamo infine che da oggi Assetto Corsa è disponibile su Steam scontato del 50%.


Get ready for the all-new Tripl3 Pack DLC, coming 26.08.2016 on Steam, featuring the breathtaking Ferrari FXX K, Ferrari 488 GTB and Praga R1. AND THAT'S NOT ALL! Our Steam community can enjoy some free bonus content this Friday, with Update 1.8. Featuring the Audi S1 and the historic Sopraelevata circuit, which has been developed using laserscan technology to guarantee the highest level of accuracy for Assetto Corsa. Monza's 1960 10km Sopraelevata circuit can also be raced on for the FIRST TIME on console, at launch!
Assetto Corsa will be released on August 26th (EU) and August 30th (NA) on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! Pre-order NOW! > http://console.assettocorsa.net/ Enjoy 50% off Assetto Corsa + Dream Packs NOW on Steam! > http://store.steampo....com/sub/88782/

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Aug 23 2016 01:00 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Software

Prices will also remain discounted until Sunday 29th for the full Reiza Membership Package (base game + all DLCs + beta access) @ US$ 54.99, and Membership upgrade (all DLCs + beta access for those that already own the game) for US$ 24.99. The full changelog for v1.0 updates will be released at launch, tomorrow August 24th!


Attached Image: 14053847_10154452844922743_7485851283331637690_o.jpg Attached Image: 14053903_10154452844047743_5335748561925910888_o.jpg Attached Image: 14086194_10154452841832743_6473876777776093620_o.jpg Attached Image: 14102783_10154452844577743_5939934307898362642_o.jpg Attached Image: 14114842_10154452842437743_3969952801851625704_o.jpg Attached Image: 14115044_10154452841822743_8772273979683259636_o.jpg

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AC: video confronto PS4 - XBox One

Aug 23 2016 09:31 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Software

Fra i numerosi video che ci mostrano in azione la versione console di Assetto Corsa (disponibile fra 3 giorni), segnaliamo il trailer realizzato da Digiprost che mette in confronto diretto il sim Kunos su Playstation 4 ed XBox One. Non dimentichiamo poi che sempre il 26 sarà rilasciata per PC la versione 1.8 del software, che porterà con sè anche il nuovo Tripl3 pack. Segnaliamo infine che da oggi Assetto Corsa è disponibile su Steam scontato del 50%.


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DiRT Rally si aggiorna

Aug 22 2016 09:55 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Software

DiRT Rally v1.21
We released an update for DiRT Rally PC players on Monday, which has added some really beneficial finesse and fixes to our VR game. If you missed the patch notes, don’t worry – here’s the full fix list for v1.21:
Graphics – Improvements to significantly reduce object popping during track intros and replays in VR.
Graphics – Wheel will no longer lock to the left if you use the ultra low graphical preset.
Graphics – Desktop image when playing in VR is no longer stretched.
Graphics – Improvements to prevent the environment popping in the distance during a dynamic
Game – You can now remap the headset position reset function in Controls for VR.
Game – You can no longer press pause during the fade to black when you restart an event in VR.
Audio – Razer Kraken will no longer cause the game to crash on boot.
HUD – Split time will no longer overlap co-driver calls in VR.
HUD – Repair puncture tooltip will no longer overlap speedometer in VR.
HUD – Legibility improvements for smaller text elements in VR.
HUD – Hud should no longer fall into your line of sight on hills if you have VR Vehicle Camera Motion turned on.
HUD – Fix to prevent the “Recover Vehicle” tooltip remaining on screen when you have accepted an invite during gameplay.
UI – Stereoscopic Rendering and V-Sync are removed when playing the game in VR.
UI – VR Options in HUD are removed if you are not playing in VR.
UI – A Message will now be displayed if you access the Steam Overlay in VR letting you know to take off your headset.
UI – Certain pop up messages should now display correctly in VR.
The update went out on both Steam and Oculus at 10am on Monday morning, and you were all hot on the heels of some audio issues with the patch. Thanks to your feedback, we were able to fix with a couple of days later, which leads us to…


DiRT Rally v1.22
V1.22 landed on Wednesday to remedy these issues, and for those who missed this, the fix list included:
Audio – Engine and Co-Driver balance is now back to how it was in 1.20.
Audio – Surround now works like it did in 1.20.
Audio – Engine audio during post race sequence now plays out correctly.
However, we’ve had a couple of reports that sound still isn’t working properly in VR – so if you’re one of these unlucky people, then please check your Rift is your default playback device in your Sound settings and send your dxdiag to dirtgame[at]codemasters.com.

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F1 2016: confronto fra versioni

Aug 21 2016 09:50 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Software

I vari pareri sul nuovo titolo Codemasters sono praticamente tutti d'accordo nel definire F1 2016 un divertente simarcade e soprattutto un deciso passo in avanti rispetto ai capitoli precedenti. Per consigli e problemi relativi alle periferiche, volanti in particolare, correte a questo link, non mancate di seguire i nostri consigli per far rendere al meglio il gioco. Fra i tantissimi trailer di questi giorni, segnaliamo il video, realizzato da Inside Simracing, che fa il confronto diretto fra le versioni PC, PS4 ed XBox.


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F1 2016 disponibile, cosa ne pensate?

Aug 19 2016 08:03 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Software

Il nuovo titolo Codemasters con licenza ufficiale FIA F1 è disponibile da oggi, presentato dal tipico trailer di lancio. Mentre noi confermiamo le nostre impressioni, fateci sapere anche voi, nell'apposito topic, le vostre opinioni in stile recensione, pubblicheremo qui in home page le più interessanti. Per problemi e consigli riguardo la configurazione dei volanti fate riferimento a questo link.


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Assetto Corsa: nuovo trailer su console

Aug 17 2016 02:53 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Software

La Kunos Simulazioni ha appena pubblicato un nuovo e spettacolare video dedicato alla versione su console di Assetto Corsa di prossimo arrivo.
Built by racing enthusiasts, for racing enthusiasts... Assetto Corsa will be released on August 26th (EU) and August 30th (NA) on PlayStation® 4 & Xbox One. Pre-order NOW! - http://console.assettocorsa.net/


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GT Sport: made from reality video

Aug 15 2016 03:39 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Software

Nell'interessante video visibile qui sotto, dal titolo "made from reality", l'ormai famoso boss di Polyphony Kazunori Yamauchi spiega in quale modo, appunto "creato dalla realtà", si è lavorato per la realizzazione del nuovo Gran Turismo Sport, in particolare collaborando attivamente con il team BMW, addirittura provando in pista la possente M6 GT3.


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Kart Racing Pro beta 15B released

Aug 14 2016 05:35 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Software

Kart Racing Pro beta 15B released
Sorry for releasing another Beta, but unfortunately development of the "final" version is taking much more time than expected, so a "snapshot" has been published. Work on the new and updated karts and on improved netcode is in progress, and the "final" version will be released as soon as possible.


Release notes
- a clean installation is strongly recommended
- replays and setups are not compatible with the previous versions
- the replay buffer size setting has been changed from bytes to megabytes: http://forum.kartrac....php?topic=1527
- the tyres and chassis physics data format has been changed, so mods for previous versions are not compatible


Known bugs
- the floor pan settings doesn't make any difference at the moment. The simulation is completed, but the chassis data is missing
- the dedicated server save/restore feature is not working anymore. It will be restored as soon as possible



How to update: http://forum.kartrac...hp?topic=3597.0


fix: chassis simulation
fix: aerodynamic simulation
fix: tyres' physics data
fix: race gap calculation
fix: track animations timer
fix: kart selection page optimization
fix: allow for a separate track layout image
fix: screen resolution setting
fix: plugins sprites color
fix: plugins calls when loading a replay
fix: input plugins POV support
fix: updated to Oculus SDK 1.3.x
fix: user interface background
new: karts default setups support
new: garage wheels load and ride height readouts
new: compare setups option
new: fixed setup option
new: default controller profiles support
new: intake paint support
new: dash paint support
new: option to force the rolling start
new: wing support
new: moving wing support
new: shared skies support
new: random skies support
new: support for dash flashing led
new: driver and camera set selection from plugin
new: vsync setting
new: MyChron5 dash
new: Lonato 2016
fix: joystick calibration bug

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