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rFactor: DRM Revival Mod disponibile!

Il DRM Modding Team ha finalmente rilasciato per rFactor l'attesissima prima versione 1.0 del suo fantastico DRM Revival Mod: si tratta di un progetto che ci mette a disposizione ben 5 vetture dello storico Group 5, ovvero la Porsche 935, BMW 320, Lancia Beta Monte Carlo, Ford Capri e BMW M1, per simulare il glorioso campionato Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft tedesco.

DRM-REVIVAL 1.0 by NIL - CK73 – dmatzies

The Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft with all the group 5 cars, was a huge magnet for audiences at the end of the late 70īs and early 80īs. Drivers like Hans Heyer, Hans Joachim Stuck, Rolf Stommelen, Harald Ertl made this race series. And also internationally known. As a small child I was standing at the edge of the track, watching these monsters with big eyes, this time went by too fast. The memories are only a few and faded. Luckily ISI created an excellent platform To race worldwide with these machines around the virtual racetracks , bringing the old cars with a "little" effort back to life.

This rfactor mod should bring fun and joy. The mod is aimed both for drivers which like to have a short relaxing ride on their favourite racetrack and for others who like to fight in tough league events for every 1/100 sec. That smells like compromise , and itīs true , we saw ourselves forced,to turn a blind eye here and there in term of Realism.
The DRM REVIVAL 1.0 isnīt fully a „realism-MOD“. The platform is not able to calculate all the physics needed in realtime. We therefore sought, to build the behavior in driving to be comprehensible for the player.