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rFactor 2: Jacksonville e Mountain Peak in video

Oct 17 2014 06:20 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Il team ISI ci mostra in video anteprima il tracciato di Jacksonville e di Mountain Peak, tutti e due in fase di sviluppo per rFactor 2. Tim Wheatley in persona ci spiega come si sta svolgendo il lavoro, anche sul software.

Obviously one of the major features of our product is realroad, and you can certainly get loose coming off the high banking until the rubber builds. The track was converted from rF1 by a third party, then worked over by our track team. In terms of quality and looks, I would say it will look better than Quebec (our kart track) and similar in most places to Lime Rock. The track itself is almost ready, but may be held for the Stock Car release. The stock car is getting some tire contact patch changes, which will assist all cars, but is deemed essential for this type of racing.

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rFactor 2: Honda NSX by ISI

Oct 11 2014 07:05 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

How many upgrades are selectable on our NSX? This many...

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rFactor 2: Tiger Moth Aerodrome disponibile

Oct 01 2014 07:40 AM | Vettel77 in Addons

Con il promo video che vedete qui sotto, il team ISI ha rilasciato pubblicamente per rFactor 2 il nuovo circuito storico del Tiger Moth Aerodrome: il tracciato, in versione 1.02, è disponibile in 5 diverse configurazioni, comprese le test track.

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rFactor 2: Nordschleife Tourist v1.80

Sep 05 2014 02:25 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Version 1.80 05/09/14
DJC change log v1.70 to v1.80
- Re-done AI pit paths in pit area and paddock. Had found a bug where groups of cars could not stop in time to enter Pit entrance. This was because the way-path that leads from the main path was just not long enough on the original.
- Staggered the pit boxes 1,11,2,12,3,13....,etc, instead of 1,2,3,4,5,6....... Should reduce the chance of someone pitting right in front of, or behind, you. PIC HERE
- Fixed collision of pit guard rail where it only worked in one direction . Before you would get sucked out if you were to touch it.
- Cleaned up the texture of the ticket house in Photoshop best I could do.
- Recoloured the gate ticket machines to match the colour of the new real life ones.
- At the ticket machine, left hand lane, replaced missing brick kerb, was just a long hole before.
- Lowered the white lines marking the lanes by a few cm's. They were floating to high above the road, I guess that would look bad in 3D.
- Extended pit exit.
- Installed some much needed working pit exit lights.
- Made brand new pit exit chain railings and posts, all to match nearer real life ones.
- Re-Modelled cones and added them to pit exit. They glow in the dark too.
- With the exception of the cones just before the chain railings, made them all moveable. Before they were glued like concrete.
- Cleaned up the edges of the paddock signs. Before all the edges were all jagged like staircase, now they nice and smooth. Also, removed the flicker from them where the pole would flicker in and out of them from a distance.
- Built near pit exit a glow in the dark info track warning screen just like the real Nords one.
- Planted billboard trees around the paddock area (High and Max track detail).
- Changed colour of 3d grass in the grass patches round the paddock. Made the dirt and grass level with top of kerbs. Dirt blended the edges. Filled in all the cracks. See Pic Here.
- Remodelled the roof of the booking office to make it look less like a paper umbrella. Made the walls have glass ready for a new texture by Tosch. Planted some shrubs next to this building too. Added billboard to the red devil restroom. See Pic here.
- Made changes to mesh of the red devil restroom to make the textures less wonky and more straight. Raised the whole building out of the ground by 25cms.
- Removed stone kerbs at Hocheichen, Quiddelbacher Hohe, Flugplatz, Wehrseifen and Breidscheid. Stretched grass over the holes, blended the edges with dirt where needed. See Pic
- Adjusted the the colour of the Bilstein logo at the bridge.
- Fixed a lot more crowd lines and tents that I found floating or underground.
- Fixed a length of bushes that flickered just passed the old pits along the left in Hatzenbach area. Just too many billboard objects sharing the same space.
- I made a hill of trees near the GP Circuit higher by 20metres that you can see from one road at Hatzenbach.
- Fixed the missing left side of the old pit building. It's not viewable from in car but was an eye sore when watching from the new TV cams. See Pic here
- Fixed a lot of road signs where their poles were not viewable from the rear side. Looked odd when watching from TV cams where you would see floating signs without poles.
- Changed material settings on many objects to make them flicker or flash less.
- Made all the camp-site fires glow better in dark.
- Gave 73 track marshals a flag to hold. Green, Yellow & Blue etc. (qualify and race only). HUD flags should now work too.
- For race only, I blocked the right hand lane at pit exit. Bug was reported that you could gain a lap on everyone else if you started from pitlane and by going through this lane. See pic

Performance changes:-
- More LOD changes in order to both improve FPS and reduce pop up's where needed
- Removed many disused files lurking within all the Mas files. Totally unused. Files going back from the very first versions, files like tree walls, guard rail maps, tree maps, many unused normal maps, old set of Tattoo files. This all, totalling over 690 files, knocking 207meg off the download size. (I've backed them all up incase I ever need to use any of them)
- Removed unnecessary collision from track side objects that don't need collision detention. Objects outside the crash barriers that you would never touch. Weather this improves performance no idea, but no harm done doing it.

GP circuit integration:-
Unfortunately nothing has been done in this area. It's just as Pleclair left it. But a nice little Easter egg, what I have done is allow you access to the circuit if you drive through this crash barrier, see Pic here .
Don't expect anything like real road, smoothed road meshes, AI paths etc. Do expect missing buildings, holes, floating people, flying trees and a bumpy ride :p:D. Better than nothing :D. I added some cones and crash barrier at end of the circuit to guide you back on to the main Nords track.

TOSCH change log v1.70 to v1.80
- New cams. One cam group by "boblevieux (cam group 2). Moving cams in group3.
- Modified TDF file (should be less bumpy in some parts, thx for the feedback to all testers)
- Extensive AIW changes, corridor adjustments
- Lots of new and modified textures
- New HDR profiles (cockpit view improved)
- New real road presets
- New loading screens and Icons
- Added more shadows

HDR Profiles
Tosch has provided some HDR profiles. After choosing which one you want, due to a small bug with rF2, you must exit the track then reload the track again. That should load the profile correctly. If you don't the graphics appear darker than they should be. You should only need to do this once, unless you need to change profile again.

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GP Bikes: ecco la Ducati GP10

Aug 22 2014 07:05 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Da non perdere, per tutti i centauri appassionati dell'ottimo GP Bikes targato Piboso, la nuovissima Ducati GP10 realizzata dai ragazzi di GP Bikes Italia!

Attached Image: 11265_323505791149948_2055441123271104977_n.jpg Attached Image: 10561618_323505831149944_1954459702806426975_n.jpg

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rFactor 2: ISI aggiorna le sue GT !

Aug 16 2014 09:25 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Nissan GT-R GT1 v 1.47
- Chassis flex implemented and new steering parameters.
- CG increased.
- Downforce reduction and slightly less yaw stable.
- Slightly less downforce sensitive in slip-stream.
- Updated to use new tyre mass method and slightly more accurate unsprung masses used.
- Some tyre tweaks, mostly, but not limited to wear, load sensitivity as well as grip correction for wet conditions.
- Automatic shift aid works a little better (less reluctantly).
- You now also have to blip on down-shifts as per the real car.
- Minor AI tweaks.
- Additional radiator setting to prevent overheating in high ambient temperatures.
- ‘Central’ TVCockpit / bonnet camera.
- Tweaked headlight parameters should improve night racing.
- Now using newer sound attenuation parameters.
- LOD distance tweaks
- Updated to latest shader settings
- New driver helmet
- Additional teams / liveries added
- Rim Blur added.
- *There are additional minor undocumented changes.

Nissan 370z GT4 v 1.47
- 2 versions now available, European and Dutch, which more closely match rules from specific series.
- Chassis flex implemented and new steering system.
- Suspension and steering geometry revisions, that more closely resembles the real car (steering has an increase in ackermann).
- Caster range reduced.
- Slightly stronger suspension.
- CG increased, further forward and more laterally offset.
- Slight downforce reduction.
- Slightly less downforce sensitive in slip-stream.
- Minor setup tweaks.
- Gear ratios replaced.
- Brake system completely recalculated.
- Updated to use new tyre mass method and slightly more accurate unsprung masses used.
- Some tyre tweaks, mostly, but not limited to wear, load sensitivity as well as grip correction for wet conditions.
- Minor AI tweaks.
- ‘Central’ TVCockpit / bonnet camera.
- Tweaked headlight parameters should improve night racing.
- Now using newer sound attenuation parameters.
- Updated to latest shader settings
- New driver helmet
- Rim blur added.
- New team liveries added.
- Fixed reversed / mirrored logo on the side.
- Fixed wheel shadow height.
- *As usual there are some small additional undocumented changes.
- **Previous setups will likely be obsolete, but the car should no longer have major revisions in the future as data is more complete.

Chevrolet Camaro GT3 v 1.49
- CG raised
- Minor setup tweak
- Updated to use new tyre mass method and slightly more accurate unsprung masses used.
- Some tyre tweaks, mostly, but not limited to wear, load sensitivity as well as grip correction for wet conditions.
- Slight downforce reduction and drag increased.
- Minor AI tweaks.
- Small engine torque correction.
- Slight increase in shift duration, ignition cuts more correctly on upshifts also.
- Slight damage tweak (suspension a tiny bit stronger).
- Wheel / brake shadowing issue resolved
- Updated to latest shader settings
- New driver helmet

Chevrolet Corvette C6.R GT2 v 1.49
- Weight distribution adjusted.
- Force upshift ignition cut.
- More accurate steering range and lock including new variable steering ratio system.
- Updated to use new tyre mass method and slightly more accurate unsprung masses used.
- Slight geometry tweak.
- Some tyre tweaks, mostly, but not limited to wear, load sensitivity as well as grip correction for wet conditions.
- 2009 & 2010 spec engines available.
- Reduction in overall downforce level and slight increase in yaw sensitivity.
- Small AI tweaks.
- Slight damage tweak.
- Updated shader settings
- Fixed the rear diffuser shape
- Now using latest driver helmet
- Rim blur was added
- *There are additional small undocumented fixes not noted in logs.

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AC: the BOX 2, soluzioni per l'assetto

Jul 30 2014 09:30 AM | BoNI in Addons

Grazie all'esperienza maturata con il precedente MDCBox per netKar Pro, il team Mai Dire Camber torna alla ribalta con un nuovo ed analogo progetto in fase di sviluppo per Assetto Corsa: the BOX 2 è però qualcosa di completamente nuovo e più ampio, che comprenderà molte più funzionalità del vecchio setup comparer. La versione "base" di the BOX 2 sarà composta più o meno così:
- setup editor e setup comparer suddiviso in categorie esattamente come sono ingame. in questo modo è possibile comparare i valori di uno stesso "tab" a colpo d'occhio e senza continuare a switchare da una pagina all'altra, e da un setup all'altro per confrontare due setup.
- teoria veloce delle varie voci del setup, spesso presa direttamente ingame dalle varie voci del setup
- track engineer: aiuto alla sistemazione del setup ideale. lui ti fa domande mirate sul comportamento dell'auto e in base alla risposta che gli dai ti dice dove e come intervenire.
- setup FAQ: domande e risposte già pronte da leggere che riguardano le problematiche più comuni relative ai problemi di assetto

Attached Image: Senza_nom.jpg

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Prima app di "Gran Turismo" disponibile

Jul 30 2014 09:25 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

La prima app ufficiale di Gran Turismo è disponibile sull'App Store. Questa app contiene il libretto "Beyond The Apex", disponibile solamente con l'edizione limitata di Gran Turismo 6 venduta in Giappone e in Asia, insieme a un nuovo database interattivo delle vetture. L'app non contiene soltanto informazioni relative all'azione di gioco, ma anche una descrizione dettagliata dei meccanismi che consentono di dare vita alle vetture e molte altre informazioni relative alle auto. Nessun vero appassionato di automobilismo potrà farne a meno. L'app sarà disponibile sull'App Store di determinati paesi a partire dalle ore 00:00 del 30 luglio 2014 (ora locale). Per ulteriori dettagli, visita la pagina dedicata.

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AC: Skins and Setups Manager

Jul 15 2014 11:20 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

  • English
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese

    The application is portable so no installation is needed.
With this application you can:
  • manage skins (download new ones, install from archives, delete, rename, launch showroom)
  • manage setups (edit and compare them)
  • manage tracks
It has been tested on Windows 7 64 bit with administrator account and it is designed to work with default or custom paths of "Early Access" and "Steam".
The application also works on windows 8.1.

The first time you start the application, it will check for:
· acs.exe
· Assetto Corsa folder (where AC saves replays, setups, etc.)

If you are not using default paths but custom ones then a window will appear and you have to set both paths (even if you use for example only a custom path for installation files). This is necessary why once SM.ini is created, application will read paths from that file. I hope I wasclear.

Example of default paths
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa
C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Assetto Corsa

If you are using default paths then you have to do nothing, just use application.

Skins Manager Tab

Exploring skins
As you start application you’ll see all available cars under “car list” column.
If you click on a car you’ll see all skins related under “skin list” column. If you click on a skin a preview will be displayed.
If you double click on a car name it will be opened relative folder. The same happens for skin names.

Install a new skin
1. Select a car under “car list” column.
2. Click on Add new skin in the action bar
3. Select compressed archive (only .rar, .7z and .zip) and the application will extract all files to right path.

Delete a skin
1. Select a car under “car list” column.
2. Select a skin under “skin list” column.
3. Click on Delete in the action bar.

You can also delete multiple skins: just hold CTRL and select skins with mouse then click on Delete.

Rename folder of a skin
1. Select a car under “car list” column.
2. Select a skin under “skin list” column.
3. Click on Rename in the action bar.
4. Cursor will blink. Write the new name and press Enter on your keyboard.

Launch showroom
1. Select a car under “car list” column.
2. Select a skin under “skin list” column.
3. Click on Launch Showroom in the action bar.

Download new skins Tab
1. Select a brand.
2. Select a skin from the table.
3. Click on Download button to download selected skin. By default file is saved in SKINS folder. You can choose a different folder clicking on Settings (menu bar).

Preview images are saved to C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\Temp\SM_preview so no need to download them every time. If you want to delete cached files click on Settings and select Off under Cache voice.

How filter works
If you want to look at skins of a particular releaser just click on a cell inside ARTIST column. The name of the artist is automatically written to the white box next to "Apply" button. Click on "Apply" and will be shown all the skins by that artist.
If you want to see again all the skins of the selected brand delete the name of the artist and click on the "Apply" button.
The same is valid for release date.
As regards filtering by skin name at the moment you have to write the exact name of the skin since the component does not allow to search sub strings.

Car Setups Tab

Add new setup
1. Select a car in the first box.
2. Select a track in second box.
3. Click on Add new setup in the action bar, finally select the file with ini extension.

Delete a setup
1. Select a car in the first box.
2. Select a track in second box. A list of all available setups will be displayed in the last box on the right.
3. Tick the setup then right click on setup name and select Delete. You can delete multiple setups.

Duplicate a setup
1. Select a car in the first box.
2. Select a track in second box. A list of all available setups will be displayed in the last box on the right.
3. Select the setup then click on Delete (no need to tick it).

When there is some value out the ranges the application saves a file named Log.txt so you can check the error. Setups ranges are collected manually since values are stored in data.acd which is encrypted. If you find any error or missing setup please report.
I suggest to run application as administrator.

If you have any problem please attach a screenshot and provide url of the forum post where you downloaded the skin.
If you’d like to use application in your own language please contact me and I’ll send strings to be translated.

Tracks Tab

Known issues
No progressbar for .7zip an .rar archives.
Error loading png images.
When you restore the application from taskbar, columns of the grid do not fit to content.
Some antivirus detect the application as a virus so you should add to exclusions.

Changelog beta - 15/07/2014
ui_car.json editor (Skins manager tab)
new database type
display archive size to download
display number of skins in a folder (Skins manager tab)
tracks manager
fix for application freeze during download
can filter skins by brand, artist and release date - 21/02/2014
updated Portuguese translation - 20/02/2014
updated French translation - 17/02/2014
can save language choice
added missing setting in bmw_m3_e30 setup ranges

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Assetto Corsa: Nordschleife v1.0

Jul 11 2014 06:15 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Ormai sono ogni giorno di più i mods e gli addons di qualità per Assetto Corsa: da non perdere certamente questa mattina è la nuova versione aggiornata 1.0 della pista del Nurburgring Nordschleife convertita da Snoopy, decisamente ottima per aspettare la versione ufficiale del tracciato in laser scan che sarà creata dalla Kunos Simulazioni. Se siete alla ricerca di vetture o circuiti extra per il sim di Casillo, potete fare riferimento al comodo topic riepilogativo !

Nordschleife v1.0
- Better performance
- mesh and textures fixes
- you can turn off details via the world detail option
- A.I. file included
- no cams file yet

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