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RaceRoom: ADAC GT Masters 2015 pack

Apr 28 2016 08:50 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Developed with help from real life GT Masters champion and avid simracer, Kelvin van der Linde, the "League of Super Sports Cars" motor on in great shape and in 2015 the GT Masters series presented a more diverse and exciting grid of cars than ever. With this pack you get the keys to prestigious GT racing machines from:
Chevrolet (Camaro & Corvette)

The Bentley Continental GT3 debuted in the Series in 2015, and the HTP team celebrated its first victory at the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben. Powered by a 4.0 litre V8 engine, it takes the essence of the iconic Continental GT and pushes it to the limit. More than 1000 kg of weight has been eliminated, by removing the equipment and parts that make the road-going Continental such a luxurious grand tourer. The GT3 retains the iconic silhouette of the Continental GT: in fact, the main body shell is almost a direct carryover. Doors, boot lid and bonnet are now hand-crafted in carbon fibre, while the bodyshell features a double-strength FIA-specification roll cage.


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RaceRoom: Nürburgring Legends DLC

Apr 25 2016 02:00 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Il team Sector3 ha rilasciato un nuovo pacchetto addon per il suo RaceRoom Racing Experience: al prezzo di 14,99€, il nuovo Nürburgring Legends DLC ci mette a disposizione il tracciato del Nurburgring, sia in configurazione GP che il temibile Nordschleife, oltre a sette vetture che in qualche modo hanno legato la loro fama al temibile "Inferno verde" tedesco, come ad esempio la Zakspeed Capri o la BMW M1 Procar.
The Nürburgring Legends DLC includes the Nürburgring GP track + the infamous Nordschleife, bundled with 7 iconic cars that wrote history on the longest, most beautiful & challenging race track of the world.
Cars: Chevrolet Cruze TC1 WTCC 2015 - Zakspeed Capri - BMW Z4 GT3 - RUF RT12R - BMW E30 - BMW M1 Procar - Pagani Zonda R
Tracks: Nürburgring GP (3 Layouts) - Nordschleife (4 Layouts)


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RaceRoom: GTO pack disponibile

Apr 21 2016 09:45 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Il team Sector3 ha appena rilasciato per il suo RaceRoom Racing Experience il nuovo GTO Car Pack: questo ennesimo pacchetto di contenuti extra ci offre 3 mitiche vetture protagoniste della storica serie IMSA GTO americana, ovvero l'Audi 90 Quattro, la Ford Mustang e la Nissan 300ZX Z32, che potete ammirare in azione nel video di lancio qui sotto.


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Project CARS: Mercedes AMG GT3

Apr 15 2016 09:56 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Il team Slightly Mad Studios ha rilasciato gratuitamente per il suo Project CARS, con perfetta puntualità, la nuova e cattivissima Mercedes AMG GT3 2016, disponibile da qualche minuto su tutte le piattaforme di gioco. A questo link l'ultimo video di presentazione.
The Mercedes-AMG GT3 is out now. Available as a free Add-On on PS4 & XB1. On Steam it is included in an automatic update.

Posted Image

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RaceRoom: Formula Junior disponibile

Apr 14 2016 10:30 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Il team Sector3 ha appena rilasciato per il suo RaceRoom Racing Experience la nuova vettura Formula RaceRoom Junior, piccola monoposto molto semplice da gestire ma altrettanto divertente da guidare, l'ideale per iniziare a muovere i primi passi con le vetture a ruote scoperte. Potete acquistarla dallo store ufficiale a questo link.
The Formula RaceRoom Junior is now available! The Formula RR Jr is an entry-level single seater and a great way to step into the world of open-wheelers. Its very distinctive look is defined by the lack of any aerodynamic devices such as front- and rear wings. This may look like a Rookie car but that does not make it old fashioned or slow, we believe it makes for the perfect car to lean proper racing technique. What you learn here will scale up to the higher classes.


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R3E: Audi R18 TDI Ultra disponibile

Apr 07 2016 09:15 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Il team Sector3 ha appena rilasciato per il suo RaceRoom Racing Experience la nuova Audi R18 TDI Ultra, che va ad arricchire la P1 Class aggiornata con l'ultimo update. La vettura può essere acquistata direttamente a questo link, con tre diverse livree


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rF2: 1974 Howston Dissenter e Toban disponibili

Mar 25 2016 08:10 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Il team ISI ha rilasciato un doppio addon ufficiale per il suo rFactor 2: come prima cosa l'attesa versione aggiornata e migliorata del già apprezzato circuito di Toban Raceway Park e la nuovissima vettura Howston Dissenter del 1974, ispirata alle potenti stock car dell'epoca. Tutti e due sono protagonisti del traiiler qui sotto.


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Assetto Corsa: Free PC Bonus Pack Update

Mar 23 2016 03:14 PM | Uff in Addons

Acclaimed Racing Simulator ASSETTO CORSA Announcing Free PC Bonus Pack Update coming to Steam March 31
Showcases Addition Corvette C7 Stingray, Ford Mustang , New “Death Valley” Track, and an unexpected surprise


505 Games and Kunos Simulazioni today announce a free PC Bonus Pack update to the acclaimed racing simulator game Assetto Corsa -- coming March 31 on Steam! The game’s first bonus content of 2016 is highlighted by the launch of a hot new trailer, featuring a high performance Corvette C7 Stingray and Ford Mustang battling it out for road supremacy, before a face-off with the game’s latest addition, a nice, "little" surprise from Kunos's development team. The special spaghetti western-style trailer also gives a first-look at the picturesque new “Black Cat County” track, which will be added to the simulator in three configurations as part of the free PC Bonus Pack update. A category defining racing simulator, Assetto Corsa features spectacular realism which has upped stakes by emphasizing and focusing on pure physics realism, with precision accuracy across every aspect from the meticulous car handling to the laser-measured tracks.
Get the the game today at http://store.steampowered.com/app/244...
The "little surprise" will be also available in the console version at launch, and the Corvette C7 Stingray and Ford Mustang are available as part of the ‘Prestige Pack’ pre-order incentive at select retailers. Joining the available PC version, Assetto Corsa will hit the track on Xbox One and PlayStation®4 on June 3rd in Europe and June 7th in North America. Information and pre-order details for the console releases can be found at: http://console.assettocorsa.net

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R3E: Bentley e Nordschleife in video

Mar 23 2016 09:37 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Inside Simracing ci presenta nel video qui sotto una doppia anteprima dedicata a RaceRoom Racing Experience: possiamo ammirare la Bentley Continental GT3 in azione al Nurburgring Nordschleife, entrambe in arrivo dal team Sector3.


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RaceRoom: WTCC 2015 pack in arrivo

Mar 21 2016 07:15 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Il team Sector3 ha annunciato l'arrivo di un'altra novità per il suo RaceRoom Racing Experience: si tratta del WTCC 2015 Car Pack, ovvero un pacchetto aggiuntivo che ci metterà a disposizione l'annata 2015 del mondiale turismo WTCC, includendo ovviamente le nuove Lada Vesta, Honda Civic, Chevrolet RML Cruze e Citroen C Elysee, con tutte le skins grafiche dei vari teams.


Attached Image: 25325847664_ae2140d63c_b.jpg Attached Image: 25329821463_bac166fd87_b.jpg Attached Image: 25837741242_41060bd59a_b.jpg Attached Image: 25866761791_8ba13b44b4_b.jpg Attached Image: 25958522835_597087ebd8_b.jpg Attached Image: 25963566385_ae74cff30e_b.jpg

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