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Nuovo MaxHUD display

Jul 06 2015 07:25 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

E' disponibile la nuova versione aggiornata 1.9.8 del già noto ed apprezzato MaxHUD display, un addon che implementa vari tipi di extra ed utilissimi display nei vari simulatori targati Piboso: Kart Racing Pro, GPBikes, World Racing Series, MX Bikes. Come si nota dagli screens qui sotto, avrete a disposizione la mappa del circuito, gli intermedi e molto altro ancora.


Attached Image: MaxHUD_GPB.jpg Attached Image: MaxHUD_KRP.jpg Attached Image: MaxHUD_MXB.jpg Attached Image: MaxHUD_WRS.jpg

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rF2: Indianapolis Motor Speedway by ISI v1.3

Jun 30 2015 06:50 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

You can download v1.3 here (446MB).
Track profile page here.

IMS v1.3 Changelog (from v1.03):
New additions
– Added “Brickyard 400″ layout for Stock Cars
– Added road (micro)bump for 2007 layout
– Added road (micro)bump for 2013 layout
– Added road (micro)bump for 2014 layout
– Added 2007/2013 and 2014 curb texture variations
– Added service pitlane fence posts for 400/500/2014
– Added Pit In cone for 400/Stock Cars
– Added dashed line on pitlane for 400 and 500 layouts
– Removed pitwall fences for 400/500/2014 layouts
– Enhanced AIWs for Speedways — less extreme Block Path
– Tweaked dashed painted stripe length
– Replaced loading screens for all layouts

– Fixed various terrain gaps on drivable surfaces
– Fixed missing piece of road/terrain for 2007 and 2013 layouts
– Fixed gap in S1/T3 road for 2007/2013 layouts
– Fixed curbs gaps for 2007
– Fixed various painted stripe glitches
– Fixed and tweaked various GDB entries
– Fixed garage back door colliders on F1 pit garages
– Fixed UV mapping glitches on Gift Shops
– Fixed pit entry line for 400 and 500 layouts
– Fixed minor errors in all AIWs
– Fixed and improved various trackside cameras

Specific AIW tweaks for 2007 layout
– Stopped AI hitting garages when leaving
– Reduced false positive cut track warnings
– Improved AI speed in some corners
– Made LEFT Path to pit entry transition smoother

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RaceRoom: Macau Grand Prix disponibile

Jun 18 2015 06:50 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Sector3 ha rilasciato come promesso per il suo RaceRoom Racing Experience il nuovo ed insidiosissimo circuito di Macau, che potete acquistare direttamente a questo link.

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RaceRoom: WTCC 2014 car pack

Jun 10 2015 11:25 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Dopo il nuovo circuito di Shanghai, ecco arrivare un'altra gustosa novità da parte del team Sector3 per RaceRoom Racing Experience: il nuovo pacchetto WTCC 2014 ci permette di simulare in ogni dettaglio lo spettacolare e combattutto campionato mondiale turismo, grazie alle licenze, con tutti i teams, piloti e vetture reali, ovvero Citroen WTCC C-Elysee, Honda Civic, Chevrolet Cruze e Lada Granta.

Posted Image Posted Image

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R3E: WTCC 2014 e Shanghai

Jun 08 2015 04:10 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Il team Sector3 annuncia una doppia novità in arrivo per il suo RaceRoom Racing Experience: già domani sarà disponibile il nuovo circuito di Shanghai, mentre entro questa settimana sarà rilasciato anche l'atteso car pack dedicato alla stagione 2014 WTCC. Qui sotto il primo video e screens di anteprima.
P1TV previewed the FIA WTCC 2014 car pack on Shanghai International Circuit. Shanghai will be released tomorrow, with the FIA WTCC 2014 car pack following later this week!


Attached Image: 11109311_1009244915760792_7698514401902145803_o.jpg Attached Image: 11423733_1009244919094125_2092084252854912468_o.jpg Attached Image: 11425164_1009244922427458_7888228233921173502_o.jpg

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Project CARS Telemetry

May 26 2015 09:25 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Session Manager

  • record, save and load any number of sessions
  • real time session timing and plotting as you record
  • automatic saving and unloading of recorded sessions
Session Info Display
  • display details for A, B and selected sessions
  • add notes to sessions
  • connect to pCARS locally, or over the LAN or the Internet using the server
  • the server supports multiple clients, enabling e.g. a dashboard over LAN and a race engineer over Internet
  • each plotter can display any number of lanes
  • each lane can display any number of graphs
  • each graph has configurable plotting styles
  • drag to size and normal zooming
  • AB comparison of any two sessions and any lap ranges
  • absolute measurement cursor
  • delta measurement cursors
  • split cursors for separate measurements per lane
  • generator to capture 'proper' track maps with several display modes
  • A and B driven lines can show two telemetry parameters
  • shows absolute and delta cursor positions
  • zoom and pan, with follow cursor option
  • framework for scriptable dashboard design
  • multiple dashboards driven by loaded sessions, live sessions or scripts
  • integrated scripting engine using the Lua language
  • automate the application
  • perform data analysis and processing
  • build simple GUIs to for integrated and interactive application extensions
  • "micro IDE" for editing and running scripts
  • script manager for installing and managing your favourite scripts
  • parameter manager, with user editable parameter color, range etc.
  • dockable window interface for custom layouts
  • saving and loading of window layouts
  • saving and loading of single and all plotter setups
  • printing support
  • bitmap export
  • automatically maintains connection with the sim
Planned features
  • more to come... community input welcome...


Download and installation


The current 64 bit version, 0.12, can be downloaded here.


The current 64 bit version, 0.12, can be downloaded here.


If your virus software throws a warning, fear not, the installer has been scanned and cleared with Avast.


Version 0.12 is the first public release and any installed versions prior to v0.12 must be uninstalled in full before installing v0.12: Please remove the "C:\Users\Documents\pCARS Telemetry" folder, and delete the registry keys "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Leistad Systems Development" and "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Leistad Systems Development".


The minimum OS requirement is Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 32 or 64 bit.




If the application crashes, please put the files "_crashlog.txt" and "_minidump.dmp" in a zip archive and attach it to a posting describing the circumstances of the crash. These files can be found in your "Documents/pCARS Telemetry" folder.


The distribution comes with some installed scripts which effectively are 'applets' that extend the application. They can be found in the folder "managed_scripts" inside the "pCARS_Telemetry" folder. They can be managed using the Script Manager. The scripts are using the gui library and have registered buttons on the Script Toolbar (the leftmost toolbar at the top of the window). Clicking these buttons will toggle the guis open and closed. The installed scripts are:

  • BigNums - showing a variable number of parameters in a row colum layout
  • CSV-Export - CSV telemetry data export
  • CursorStats - computes statistics for a parameter using the delta cursor pair for the range.
  • Dash1 - example instrument panel, speedometer, rev counter and timing
  • Dash2 - example instrument panel, speedometer, rev counter, timing and controls
  • Dash3 - example instrument panel, gauges for four selectable parameters
  • Dash4 - example instrument panel, temperatures, wear and g-forces
  • Dash5 - example instrument panel, "minigraphs" of a few parameters
  • GraphFilter - plots a graph with a low or high pass filter applied
  • Lap2Lap - plots the lap to lap difference for a parameter
  • LapHistogram - histogram tool applet
  • LapStats - tool for computing statistics for a parameter over a lap range
  • LiveaStats - shows live parameters with running averages and maxima
  • LiverNumsRecorder - performs ad hoc live recording. Saves to CSV files
  • RaceInfo - using dash_module.lua to create an race infor intrument panel
  • ScatterStats - tool to perform scatter plot and statistics for two parameters
So far the documentation is brief and incomplete - the user manual proper is a WIP. It can be found on the apps Help menu, or in the "Documents/pCARS Telemetry/manual" folder. In the manual folder you will find some additional text files. The file "user_manual.txt" is a general operations manual, the file "scripting_manual.txt" is the beginnings of a reference manual for the scripting, the file "dashboard_manual.txt" is the documentation for the dashboard framework. These are raw text files hacked together while coding, so they're not too friendly. Eventually it will all be reworked and included in UserManaul.pdf.

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rF2: Dallara Indycar by ISI v1.62

May 26 2015 09:20 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

You might want to consider this beauty a first true release. We got data and we've used it. It is almost a scratch built car in terms of physics. The road side has had quite a few changes, but the oval side is where you should be able to feel the biggest difference. Enjoy.


Changelog: (link)
Physics / Setup
– Fixed fuel tank capacity.
– Fuel tank position corrected (slightly lower and further forward)
– Allowing both compounds during race.
– Added ‘weight jacker’. Garage only at this time.
– Brand new CPM enabled tyres.
– Better undertray points.
– Better fuel estimation.
– Better ride height ranges and defaults.
– Caster range now 4-10 as per real life.
– Accurate suspension geometry that varies between oval / road course.
– Tyre pressure ranges more realistic (as are defaults)
– Updated trackconfigsbase.ini to have proper layout names for Mountain Peak and newer tracks.
– Minor Turbo error correction.
– Aero corrections for both speedway and road courses. (Main change is more accurate and higher downforce for speedway config)
– Recalculated brake system & restricted brake bias range.
– Improved unsprung masses.
– Added wheelbase options, the primary purpose of which is to adjust the weight distribution. 119″ is ideal for speedways, 120″ may be ok for road courses.
– Increased the weight of the car (was ~missing driver weight).
– Slightly more damage sensitive.
– Increased CG height according to new data.
– More accurate default RC toe angles.
– Increase AI’s grip a touch (road course).
– Recalc’ed and more accurate anti-roll bar rates, ranges.
– Fixed small error on front wing range (now goes up to 32° on RC / SC)
– Slight increase in mid-range torque and also fuel consumption, and attempted improvement for fuel estimate.
– Allowing stiffer springs.
– Now using spool differential (locked axle).
– Increase in chassis flex.
– Min brake ducts now have MUCH less cooling, Max similar.
– Brake Duct drag and lift reduced (so penalty is a little lower).
– Steering system updated.
– Opponent sound attenuation increased (so other cars are slightly less audible).
– Steering ratio corrected (default, options not available yet).
– Very slightly less sensitive to turbulent air, Auto-shift tweak (AI)


– Fix so rotation matches in-game.
– Fixed problem with Alternates showing as Primaries at race start
– air intake gap fixed
– hands animation fixed
– new tyre damage texture
– spinner scene fixed
– Fixed tyre compound visibility in spinner.
– Digits on the steering wheel increased to 5
– Digital Yellow message “Yel” aligned
– Graphics : whole model rescale (+2%),
– Front susp arms corrected.
– Mirrored rear wing back logo (#27 #77)
– Various texture fixes

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rF2: Palatov Motorsport D4 disponibile

May 13 2015 05:35 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Il team Slow Motion ha rilasciato per rFactor 2, con licenza ufficiale della casa, la nuova Palatov Motorsport D4. La vettura è disponibile in tre diverse configurazioni: custom, track day e cronoscalata.

Superb work by Third-party SLOW MOTION GROUP (full credits on profile link). They bring you this fully licensed Palatov D4, including AWD Hillclimb configuration, from PALATOV MOTORSPORT LLC. The car comes with three main configurations: Custom, Track day and Hillclimb. Though there are additional engine and tire options.

Attached Image: 20150512162831.jpg

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