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rFactor 2: Nordschleife Tourist v1.5 by pleclair

Apr 16 2014 04:50 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Dopo molte settimane di silenzio, il bravissimo pleclair è ritornato per la gioia degli appassionati di rFactor 2: è infatti disponibile per il sim made in ISI la nuovissima versione aggiornata 1.5 beta dell'imperdibile circuito tedesco del Nurburgring Nordschleife Tourist ! Come potete notare dal video qui sotto, si tratta di un download imperdibile.

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Nuovi menu (UI) per rFactor2

Apr 02 2014 07:25 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Eduard Mallorqui ha rilasciato a sorpresa la sua nuova interfaccia grafica di menu (UI) per rFactor 2, che come vedete dalle previews è decisamente migliore e più professionale di quella originale, oltre che più intuitiva, moderna e curata. Per il download del file da 7,7MB fate riferimento a questo link.

How to install
  • Drop ‘rFactor 2 Minimalist UI 1.52.rfcmp’ file to your packages folder usually located at ‘C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\rFactor2\Packages’.
  • Use Manage Mod tool from rFactor2 in order to install the custom UI, like any other normal car, track or mod.
  • Load rFactor2 and go to the Customize section in order to select the new UI.

Attached Image: rFactor-2-Minimalist-UI-3.jpg Attached Image: rFactor-2-Minimalist-UI-4.jpg Attached Image: rFactor-2-Minimalist-UI-5.jpg Attached Image: rFactor-2-Minimalist-UI-7.jpg Attached Image: rFactor-2-Minimalist-UI-8.jpg

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rFactor 2: “Gen6″ Stock car by ISI

Mar 26 2014 08:10 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Il rilascio del tracciato ovale di Indianapolis e della monoposto Dallara DW12 si avvicinano, il team ISI ha quindi deciso di accontentare anche gli appassionati della Nascar: ecco quindi i primi renders 3D di anteprima della nuova Gen6 Stock Car, con la quale lo sviluppatore americano mira a realizzare la più accurata simulazione fisica e dinamica di una stock car!
With the release of our first oval (Indianapolis) and oval car (Dallara DW12) getting closer, we have also begun 3D model work on a type of racing many have been looking forward to… These early work-in-progress images show our generic “Howston” branded Cup car, which will conform to all mandatory 2014 “Gen6″ rules and regulations. We feel that with a truly dynamic environment like that seen in real-life Stock car racing, rFactor 2 can really bring this form of racing to life in a way that is completely new to true racing simulations. Although in early development, we are interested in finding people we will be able to work with going forward. Our aim is to ensure this is the most realistic simulation of Stock car racing physics and driving available to fans of the sport. Both drivers and knowledgeable team personnel welcomed.

Attached Image: gen6_rfactor2_3dwip1.jpg

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rFactor 2: Panoz AIV Roadster by ISI

Mar 21 2014 09:35 AM | Uff in Addons

A meno di 24 ore dal rilascio dell'ultima build 590 di rFactor 2, il team ISI ha reso disponibile per il proprio simulatore, gratuitamente, anche una nuova vettura ufficiale: si tratta dell'affascinante Panoz AIV Roadster del 1999.
Perhaps known to many as ‘the car from Midtown Madness’, you can now download the Panoz AIV Roadster from our downloads page. As always, this is a free download. The AIV Roadster, designed around the time when most American production cars were not renowned for their handling characteristics, was a breath of fresh air to many. While the car shares many components with Ford (allowing the car to be serviced at any Ford dealership), the things most important to provide a good handling car were meticulously designed to provide a fun, stable car that was just about as quick around the bends as any other sports (or even super) cars of the time...

Attached Image: panoz01.jpg Attached Image: panoz02.jpg Attached Image: panoz03.jpg Attached Image: panoz04.jpg

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Assetto Corsa: in pista con... Pantano!

Mar 07 2014 01:15 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Fra le tantissime skin grafiche disponibili per le varie vetture di Assetto Corsa, vi segnalo la bellissima livrea per la McLaren MP4-12C GT3 che riproduce quella del team Bhai Tech 2013, con la cui vettura numero 65 il nostro amico Giorgio Pantano ha trionfato nel campionato internazionale GT Open !

Attached Image: 17509301kx.jpg Attached Image: 17572841ss.jpg Attached Image: 17572842yl.jpg Attached Image: 17572843jq.jpg

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Assetto Corsa: Joux Plane v1.4

Mar 04 2014 08:10 PM | Reeno79 in Addons

Quello che vedete qui sotto è un nuovo video di anteprima che ci mostra il primo circuito extra rilasciato per Assetto Corsa: si tratta della tappa di cronoscalata di Joux Plane, convertita dall'originale di Richard Burns Rally, nella sua ultima versione 1.4 (compatibile con l'ultima release di Assetto Corsa).

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rFactor 2: Bahrain by McNolo

Mar 04 2014 02:35 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Dopo oltre un anno di lavoro, McNolo ha finalmente rilasciato per rFactor 2 la spettacolare pista del Bahrain, convertita con estrema bravura dalla versione originale per il primo rFactor creata dal team CTDP. Questa release ci mette a disposizione il tracciato, ricco di dettagli ed estremamente affascinante, in ben 5 configurazioni diverse.

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AC: Rivali Tempo e Skins Manager updates

Feb 15 2014 08:45 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

A meno di 24 ore dal rilascio dell'ultimo update di Assetto Corsa, i modders non sono stati certamente a riposo, aggiornando a loro volta i loro lavori più interessanti: vi segnalo quindi l'ultima release dell'utility Skins Manager, per la gestione delle skins grafiche delle vetture e degli assetti, e dell'applicazione Rivali Tempo, con la gestione dei giri veloci con statistiche, che si integra perfettamente con il menu di gioco.

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Assetto Corsa: RSR Live Timing update

Feb 12 2014 10:55 AM | wildsurfer in Addons

New version available:
Please check our website:
v2.0.012 (11/02/2014):

  • fixed some issues with lap count. This should fix the issue with some wrong laps inserted into the system in the AI races.
  • fixes issue preventing the official special events to be run directly from the normal AC UI
  • events: added filters for friends and community. Quick race graph is also filtering the results.
Posted Image
  • quick race events: add delta on the lap details
Posted Imageclick to see details lap by lap for the selected driver
Posted Image
  • quick race graph zoomable, driver position in the graph, removed drivers that didn't completed the race
Posted Imageclick Reset Zoom to go back
Posted Image
  • Default skins loaded for all cars. Now when you run on a quick races, AI cars will have different skins, while you can use your favorite one (your current car skin is selected).
  • Quick races: AI Drivers Name and Nationality picked up from the event standing.
Posted Image

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rFactor 2: nuova Silverstone by ISI

Feb 09 2014 03:20 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Silverstone Circuit v1.01 -> v1.14 Changelog
- Increased surface mesh density at The Link and Maggots Corner for short layouts
- Added and enhanced 3D modelled surface details based on accurate data
- Added International layout
- Replaced GP Layout with GT Layout (41 garage spots)
- Added Concrete Blocks to prevent wandering beyond limits on short layouts
- New default weather preset for GT and International Layouts
- Added Medium Rubber RealRoad presets
- Reworked Light Rubber RealRoad presets
- Added International layout cameras
- Fixed inaccurate Sector 1, Sector 2 and Pit In timing lines (Pit In is now at the FIRST line)
- Fixed multiple small terrain gaps
- Fixed incorrect material on old pit building roof
- Fixed Collision for Bridges
- Fixed Collision for PitWall Gates
- Fixed Smoothing on Grandstand at Club Corner
- Fixed Smoothing on wall at Club Corner
- Fixed light glow being always enabled
- Fixed (most) annoying popups
- Fixed Daylight Saving Time zone
- Tweaked terrain textures and materials for less aliasing and a tiny bit more depth
- Tweaked wall materials for a tiny bit less aliasing
- Tweaked Vegetation textures and materials
- Tweaked RealRoad texture
- Tweaked Glass materials
- Tweaked Vehicle materials
- Optimized 3D Tyre Walls for better and smoother performance
- Optimized Armco for better and smoother performance
- Optimized Armco details for better and smoother performance
- Optimized Vehicles for better and smoother performance
- Optimized Shadow Casters for better performance
- Optimized LOD distances for better performance
- Optimized Reflection Maps for better performance
- Optimized Crowds for better performance
- Optimized Terrain objects for smoother performance
- Optimized Grandstands for better performance
- Optimized Props for smoother performance
- Optimized Omni Lights for International layout
- Optimized Vegetation
- Optimized Grass and Gravel Verges
- Optimized Terrain textures
- Optimized Vehicle textures
- Optimized Building textures
- Performance should be improved by an average of 15-30% over v1.01 depending on detail settings.
- Smoothness should be improved by an average of 25-35% over v1.01 depending on detail settings; up to 45% in most previously heavy stutter areas.
- Texture size reduction by 35% should also free up some VRAM by a fair amount, regardless of detail settings;
- Existing 1.01 GP Layout has been replaced by what we now call GT Layout; which is the same layout with extra garage spots.

International Layout

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