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Automobilista: Brit Pack DLC

Sep 28 2016 04:00 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Il team Reiza annuncia con alcuni screens l'imminente arrivo, per il suo Automobilista, del nuovo DLC denominato Brit Pack, un pacchetto tutto inglese che ci offrirà i nuovi circuiti di Brands Hatch, Cadwell Park, Oulton Park ed anche le nuove vetture Ultima GTR (stradale e da corsa), MCR Sports 2000, Formula Trainer e la Caterham, auto che ci viene presentata in questo video spettacolare.


The BRIT PACK for Automobilista is coming up soon full of exciting new cars and tracks from the kingdom of motorsports - here are some new preview shots! Owners of the DLC "Season Pass" on Steam get access to Automobilista BETA which since last night already includes most of the new content to be included in the BRIT PACK along several other improvements upcoming in AMS v1.1! Check it out here. The "Season Pass" is also part of our Membership package which currently sells for a discount price of US$ 24.99 here.

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iRacing e Logitech ARX: accoppiata vincente!

Sep 16 2016 06:10 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

ARX is provided to you in two parts, there is a client that runs on your android and ios device that you can pick up in your favorite app store and a server that is built into the Logitech Gaming Software (version 8.87.166 as of this writing) that supports the logitech gaming mice and keyboards. Both the client and server are available for free and Logitech has graciously allowed you to use the ARX software even if you do not own a Logitech gaming mouse or keyboard.
To use the ARX functionality you need to install both the LGS and phone app from above, and make sure both are running and connected together. From there simply launch the sim and we will push out a display to your phone. Inside the sim youYou can go into the options tab and under external display you will find a check box to turn ARX off and an ARX mode: dropdown that lets you choose what page to display on your phone.


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iRacing: Audi 90 GTO 1989 !

Sep 13 2016 04:45 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Con un trailer ed un breve comunicato decisamente a sorpresa, il team di iRacing lancia la disponibilità nel simulatore americano della mitica Audi 90 GTO del 1989!
Drive the 1989 Audi 90 GTO on iRacing today! Hans-Joachim Stuck reflects on his time racing the 1989 Audi 90 Quattro IMSA GTO. iRacing explores how the car came to be developed after the success of the 1988 Audi 200 Quattro Trans Am, and served as a showcase for Audi’s four-wheel drive Quattro system – previously only used in rally cars. Watch our short presentation below about the history of the car.


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R3E: Audi Sport TT Cup 2016

Sep 12 2016 03:40 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

We are bringing you the 2016 Season of the Audi Sport TT Cup.


Posted Image


Including some car model changes and all the new team designs.


Posted Image


We also managed to gather enough new data to overhaul the physics model of the car.


Posted Image


Real TT Cup driver Simon Larsson visited the office in Sweden to give his input on the car handling.


Posted Image


After comparing real and virtual laps some significant changes have been made.


Posted Image


Having access to actual car telemetry has helped us a lot in nailing every aspect of the car.


Posted Image


As they say: Numbers don't lie!


Posted Image


We are looking forward to hear how you like the improvements.


Posted Image


The Audi Sport TT Cup 2016 will be available very soon!


Posted Image

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Automobilista: dev update agosto

Sep 01 2016 07:50 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

V1.01 hotfix
Since release last week we´ve identified a few teething issues which we have been since dutifully pursuing - one always tries to be ahead of these but unfortunately a full release is always a bit of a leap into the unknown as we go from having a few hundred beta testers to many thousand of users and the vast range of OS, hardware, drivers and third party software combinations that comes with it.
One issue that we have partially identified is that AMS v1.0 is failing to launch with Windows 7 if Service Pack 1 is not installed - we´re still pursuing the reason why this came to be with v1.0, but for now we can confirm that updating Win 7 with SP1 is required.
The hotfix will pack some further DynHUD improvements, fixes to Time Trial mode and some other priority fixes.


Another issue we´ve been pursuing is further optimization, in particular to memory load - since AMS is a 32bit app, it can only use up to 4GB of system RAM, which means whenever AMS is running north of 3.2GB (as measured from the task manager) it may run into some instability issues. As we´ve been pushing for higher details from cars and tracks, this can mean that running a grid over the specified limits for any given series (usually in between 22-26 cars, other than StockV8 which allows 32) has the risk of overloading the system, causing instability issues and potentially Runtime errors or CTDs. We´re working on optimizing some of the higher detail models, as well as having the series´ max number of opponents better enforced to keep the game constantly on a safer range. Some of these updates are already upcoming with this hotfix.


V1.1 development
There are some important new features, both planned and already in the works to make AMS an even more complete sim package before we finally wrap up its development.
One of these which we can confirm for v1.1 is the Integrated Spotter, based on the popular Crewchief mod as developed by @gongo - here´s a sneak preview:


I've included subtitles (using the Message Center) for people who have a hard time hearing/understanding, or for those players who are deaf (like Ivysaur). It also allows for different language translations while still using the original audio (or vice-versa).
It includes the ability to spot other vehicles in pit lane (useful for larger races with everyone diving into pits) and also tells you when the safety car is out on track or coming into the pit lane. It will also tell you the pit is open depending on whether or not you are on the lead lap so you never have to guess when you're actually allowed to come in to pit.


It announces when the pit crew is ready and when they've abandoned the pit request (timed out) as well as when you've requested or unrequested the stop. And since it's integrated directly into the engine, it also tells you when you have a drive-through, stop-n-go, or other penalty as well.
And yes, it will announce the start of the race session countdown even when you're in the garage as well as give you a "go, go, go" as soon as your pit stop is complete (as requested by Will Mazeo).


Pit exit clear/has traffic notification is tied directly to the pit exit lights, so if you see it flashing blue, it will tell you there is traffic. The blue flag notification is tied directly to the display of the icon in the corner of the screen, so when you see it, you'll hear the message too.


1st DLC - The Brit Pack
As previously announced, our first DLC pack for Automobilista will be the BRIT PACK, comprising 3 classic british tracks along with 4 british club racing cars - these are:


BRIT PACK - Tracks
Brands Hatch
Cadwell Park
Oulton Park
We don´t have a preview of Oulton Park to show yet, but we do have some good news regarding its development as following our recon trip to the track we´ve also managed to get hold of LIDAR data for it, meaning Oulton will have the distinction of being our first track based on laser scan data!


Ultima GTR (road & race spec)
MCR Sports 2000
Formula Trainer - A semi-fictional wingless trainer car based on british F-Ford, featuring both slicks & treaded tires - this is the bonus car hinted in last month´s update:
Caterham (several models) - more details to be confirmed about the included Caterham series soon!


The BRIT PACK is scheduled for official release on September 27th and will sell for US$ 19.99. Subsequent DLC packs will be released in the following months. More details on what these upcoming DLCs will feature will be presented in our next Dev Update :)


Worth pointing out that the AMS Season Pass is now also available for purchase from Steam - owners of the Season Pass (which includes Reiza Members as well as backers from all levels of last year´s crowdfunding campaign) will already earn the BRIT PACK along with all the other upcoming AMS DLCs.


Besides securing all DLCs with a single specially discounted purchase, Automobilista Season Passalso grants Automobilista BETA - a standalone / independent development version ofAutomobilista, which receives regular updates of in-development features and content, allowing users an early taste of these upcoming goodies (including the DLC items) as these gradually hit beta status. Brands Hatch & Ultima GTR expected to make to next week´s new Beta build.
That´s about it for this month - now it´s time to get back to wrapping that hotfix :p I´ll try to follow up on this topic with a few more news and answers to eventual questions tomorrow.

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AC: Prestige Pack su PS4 ed XBox One

Aug 31 2016 04:00 PM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

For more info, stay tuned to our community channels!
PLEASE NOTE – The Assetto Corsa Season Pass DOES NOT contain the additional bonus cars seen in the PRESTIGE and PERFORMANCE packs.
Assetto Corsa is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One NOW! > http://www.console.assettocorsa.net/


Posted Image

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AC v1.8: la mitica Sopraelevata

Aug 24 2016 10:10 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

Dopodomani, 26 Agosto, grazie al nuovo update 1.8 di Assetto Corsa, potremo vivere l'emozione (gratuita, in quanto inclusa nell'aggiornamento) di percorrere la mitica Sopraelevata del circuito di Monza interamente riprodotta con tecnologia laser scan dalla Kunos Simulazioni.
Mancano 2 giorni alla release di Assetto Corsa per PlayStation 4 e Xbox. Per la prima volta sarà presente anche la #Sopraelevata! #Monza è stata scansionata con una tecnologia laser per una riproduzione... al millimetro.

Posted ImagePosted Image

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RaceRoom: annunciata Silverstone

Aug 23 2016 10:35 AM | VELOCIPEDE in Addons

After it was put on hold in order to finish our laserscanned Nordschleife and other projects, track artist Alex Hummler is now back on track to finish this popular british circuit located in Northamptonshire. Silverstone is built on the site of a World War II Royal Air Force bomber station, which opened in 1943. The airfield's three runways lie within the outline of the present track.
In 2010 the track went under a lot of reconstruction work also introducing the new "Arena" layout, which has been designed to create better overtaking opportunities, but keeping the high speed corner combinations which make this track so unique. The new Pit complex was designed by the same architects as the London 2012 Olympic Stadium and is shaped like a wing, paying tribute to the old WW II Airfield.
The circuit hosts many national and international Racing Series, such as the F1, WEC, MotoGP & BTCC.

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