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Mountain Peak Speedway by ISI

Today, 08:39 AM

Mountain Peak Speedway v1.1 Now Available!

We’re pretty happy to get this one out of the door! This track model was featured on one of the first preview screenshots of rFactor 2! We’ve brushed it up, got it looking OK (don’t expect quality of our more recent scratch built tracks), and now you can enjoy it! We think those of you who enjoy our Karts will especially love this!

The track comes with seven configurations (2 oval, 1 roadcourse, 1 kart oval and 3 kart roadcourses). You can download it from our tracks page.




screens http://rfactor.net/web/rf2/screenshots



Arrivano le DirectX 12

Yesterday, 09:45 PM

Articolo molto interessante -> http://multiplayer.i...directx-12.html

Con la possibilità di fare l'upgrade gratuito da Windows 7, 8 e 8.1 durante il primo anno di lancio del nuovo sistema operativo, inoltre, le DirectX 12 saranno alla portata della totalità dei giocatori PC che già utilizzano le DX11.

(wip) Autodromo di Modena

Yesterday, 08:12 PM


Virtua simulazioni - McLaren MP4-13 (1998 mclaren f1)

Yesterday, 08:12 PM

I would like to welcome you to the McLaren MP4-13. Mika Häkkinen's and David Coulthard's McLaren from 1998. Powered by a 3.0 litre V10 engine, we believe this fits what we wanted to achieve and what you wanted to experience.

Current Project: McLaren MP4-13


Substanding v0.3, global, class and same car standings and positions

Yesterday, 08:09 PM

This app provides 6 widgets:

  • Full standing
  • Full standing for your class (GT3, GT2, ...)
  • Full standing for the same car
  • Global position
  • Class position (GT3, GT2, ...)
  • Same car position

The "standings" widgets display the best lap times during practice and qualification or the distance between you and the others during the race.
In addition, if the driver is close to you, the delta is colored as follow:

  • Green: In front of you, in the same lap
  • Red: Behind you, in the same lap
  • Yellow: In front of you, not in the same lap
  • Blue: Behind you, not in the same lap


The "position" widgets are much smaller and give your position like "3/7".


In the "SubStanding.py" file, you can change these parameters. The size of the app will automatically adjust to these settings:

  • Font size (edit "fontSize = 16" for the standings and "fontSizePos = 32" for the positions)
  • Classes can be modified by following the example provided.

I hope you enjoy it and let me know if you've got any problems or sugestions clear.png