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NFS:Shift for modding by unpacking all .bff files

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Posted 04 April 2010 - 04:45 PM

Prepare NFS:Shift for modding by unpacking all .bff files
Since the modding of NFS:Shift is taking off now, I thought it would be good to create some order in the organized chaos and start with a basic how-to guide to get your game ready for modding.

If anything is wrong with the provided info or tools, let me know!

To prepare your game for (easy) modding, you have to unpack all of the .bff archives of the game.

For unpacking, you'll need the following:
- QuickBMS (tool for unpacking)
- QuickBMS script for NFSShift
- game_unpack.bat file for easy unpacking
- game_unpack_v102.bat file for easy unpacking of the game patched to v102

Or you could use the newest QuickBMS provided with the file Shift-Unpack.zip, it will unpack all .bff files automatically based on directory search.

All files are attached.

- Place the 3 files in the root folder of the game where your “shift.exe” is located. If you installed the game on your system drive you may need to run the batch file with administrator rights (probably also true if you have UAC enabled in Vista).

- It has been reported that at least in Windows 7, files in the pakfiles folder can be Read-Only. This will cause problems when unpacking and hence before proceeding to the next step you have to remove the read-only tag from everything in the pakfiles folder.

- Run the game_unpack.bat file.

Be sure to have a clean NFS:Shift install that has not been tinkered with (especially the .bff files), otherwise the game may not run after unpacking.

After unpacking, right-click on the NFS:Shift shortcut on your desktop, select Properties and add the option '-loose' to the Target path. The option makes the game accept unpacked files. The Target path will then look like this:

"...\Need for Speed SHIFT\shift.exe" -loose

That's it. You can now pick your favourite mod and add it to the game. Enjoy!

You may want to have two installs, one original (for patches etc.) and one unpacked. To get two installs, simply copy the original install folder and all its contents to a new folder. Create a new shortcut from the executable of the copy, and you're set.

Here are the folder structures of the normal and unpacked game, for reference (thanks to RMI for providing the info):


<DIR> Audio
<DIR> ControllerDefaults
<DIR> Languages
<DIR> Movies
<DIR> Pakfiles
<DIR> Render
<DIR> Support


<DIR> ai
<DIR> animation
<DIR> Audio
<DIR> cameras
<DIR> campaign
<DIR> characters
<DIR> ControllerDefaults
<DIR> effects
<DIR> eventinfo
<DIR> Languages
<DIR> Movies
<DIR> paintshop
<DIR> properties
<DIR> Render
<DIR> replay
<DIR> saves
<DIR> scripts
<DIR> Support
<DIR> text
<DIR> tracks
<DIR> upgrade
<DIR> vehicles

note the absence of "<DIR> Pakfiles" in the unpacked/modded version

- Luigi Auriemma for the QuickBMS unpacker (website)
- Tobias Kluge (from RaceDepartment.com) for the .bat file and instructions.
- Simon sein Blog for providing mod info

download files -> http://www.nogriprac...ad.php?t=166542

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Posted 05 April 2010 - 07:11 AM

E così facendo, tra le altre cose, potrete farvi un giro in tutte le cartelle ferrari e guardarvi un pò le texture e tutto il resto (modelli 3d a parte)... e incazzarvi perchè la dlc non c'è per il pc :D