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iRacing: Rockingham Motor Speedway

Yesterday, 05:19 PM

iRacing.com announced today it has secured a licensing agreement with England’s Rockingham Motor Speedway to create a digital version of the facility.  A team of laser scan technicians and photographers from iRacing traveled to England to conduct work at Rockingham last week.
Opened in 2001, Rockingham ranks among the world’s most modern motorsports tracks and features a 1.48 mile, American-style oval along with multiple road course configurations including the International Super Sports Car, National, Lake and Handling Circuits.
The laser scanning insures iRacing’s digital versions of the Rockingham’s nearly one dozen oval and road course configurations are accurate to within 2 mm of their real world counterparts.   In addition, iRacing’s artists will use thousands of photographic images shot last week to faithfully reproduce the buildings, trees and sight lines at the Northamptonshire facility.
iRacing currently offers nearly 70 laser-scanned race tracks to imembers, including other British circuits such as Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Donington and Oulton Park as well as every track on the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup schedule.

Il Driver Network di Project CARS

Yesterday, 04:43 PM

Il team Slightly Mad Studios ci presenta oggi in un lungo articolo il sistema Driver Network del suo imminente Project CARS: si tratta in sostanza di un completo sistema di statistiche, che include però anche il salvataggio di screen e video delle nostre gare online, un sistema time trial e di eventi ed ovviamente un campionato completo dedicato a varie categorie.

  • EXPERIENCE & FOCUS - Whether it’s competing with friends in online events or using your expertise under the hood making competitive tuning setups, your Driver Network Profile describes the game modes you love playing and your time spent in Career, Solo, Online, and Community events.
  • AFFINITY - With such a wide variety of motorsports on offer and the largest track roster in recent years, the Driver Network displays those you’ve played the most and have had the most success with. Your Signature Car, your Favorite Track, and your Preferred Realism combo of controller, driving view, and handling model are all listed here.
  • ONLINE - As you play events online both your performance and behaviour are monitored. Your win/loss ratio, number of pole positions, podiums, and average finishing place in both race and qualifying sessions. Also your reputation - determined by how many Yellow Flags you were involved in, your ability to adhere to racing rules, and any disqualifications. Racing clubs of friends will obviously want to ensure their members maintain both great Performance and Reputation stats in order to remain dominant and respected online.

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Partecipiamo al Wwworkers Camp

Yesterday, 03:16 PM

DrivingItalia.NET ed il Driving Simulation Center di Lanciano parteciperanno a Roma, giovedì 7 maggio dalle ore 14 presso la Camera dei Deputati, al nuovo Wwworkers Camp, il meeting annuale organizzato da Wwworkers.it insieme all’Intergruppo Parlamentare per la Sussidiarietà della Camera.
Si parlerà di lavoro e delle opportunità offerte dalle nuove tecnologie, chiedendo alla politica di mettersi in ascolto, a partire dal manifesto dei wwworkers con le 10 azioni per portare l’Italia verso il digitale. L’incontro sarà in live streaming sulla web tv della Camera dei Deputati

Dieci ragioni per F1 2015

Yesterday, 02:52 PM

Il sito ufficiale della Formula 1 ci spiega quali sono i dieci motivi per essere "felici" dell'arrivo del prossimo F1 2015, che Codemasters rilascerà entro giugno. Voi cosa ne pensate?
From the Kimi Raikkonen school of direct conversation? More effusive, a la Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari in Malaysia this year? It all matters in F1 2015, with the ability to receive messages from your engineer - and to feedback with your own. The pit wall will lend their support on how performance can be improved (gauged on your expertise), while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Kinect users can request information on a plethora of data and even ask for front wing changes at the next pit stop....

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F1 2015 HUD

Yesterday, 10:54 AM

F1 2015 HUD
Two versions

This update requires Ov1 - f1 2014 hud - v0.9 beta release
Link http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ov1-f1-2014-hud.3129/

Big thanks to ov1diu


  • First instal Ov1 - f1 2014 hud - v0.9 beta release
  • Download the file
  • Extract archive
  • Select version and copy files inside Assetto Corsa folder