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[GTL] Cooper T73 (F1 1964) by Boreks

Today, 11:15 AM


Cooper T73 (F1 1964) - GTL game openwheeler project. Freezed project. It is a scratch made initial F1 test project for GT Legends game. All the mod work experience has been transformed into F1 LEGENDS RACING mod (released summer 2013).

iRacing: Build Maggio 2014

Today, 10:54 AM

A sneak peek at next weeks build. Paintable wheels are coming. Choose your color and either a matte or chrome finish.

10247464_10152372516861085_2268887563997 1011800_10152372516896085_83156048425628 1010218_10152372516811085_70693226904215

MFr F1 2014 (F1Ligue)

Yesterday, 12:22 PM

MOD MTFr F1 2014

First picture from 3dsmax

mini_192293williamsf12014.jpg mini_765203wil02.jpg

R3E: Simbin Dev Blog 17-4

17 April 2014 - 02:54 PM

Dopo aver lanciato interessanti sconti pasquali del 50% su tutte le vetture e i tracciati disponibili, il team Simbin ci aggiorna nuovamente con un development blog riguardo lo sviluppo del suo RaceRoom Racing Experience. E' in arrivo una nuova patch per eliminare gli indicatori di curva da altri 4 circuiti, si lavora sui nuovi menu di gioco, la versione alpha del multiplayer procede come previsto ed è in sviluppo una nuova e spettacolare vettura...


Let’s take a look at what we’re working on and what we will include in the next weeks patch.

Track Updates for the Corner Marker Toggle

We are almost done. Next week we will update another group of tracks for the corner marker toggle. These are;

  • Circuit Zolder
  • Hungaroring
  • Indianapolis
  • Monza Circuit

Hungaroring is one of the tracks that will be updated next week.

On another note, we noticed some performance issues on some of the tracks. We are looking into it and might update few more tracks with performance optimizations.

R3E Temporary Menus

As we are preparing Multiplayer Alpha which will initially be limited to DTM Experience, we are working hard on finishing the temporary R3E menu. This menu is only temporary and will be replaced with the WEB based technology when we’re done with implementing it.

However, the design, look and feel of the menus are somewhat of a taste of what the future menus will look like. If you have any feedback on these menus we would love to hear about it. Here’s a screenshot of what the temporary R3E Menu currently looks like.


We are making these temporary changes so we can share SP and MP with all R3E users as soon as possible.


What Else is Going On Progress on the NVIDIA driver crashing issue

As you might be aware, the latest NVIDIA drivers are still causing issues while playing R3E. We are working with NVIDIA to resolve the issue and they made some progress but unfortunately it is still under investigation. If you are one of the unfortunate players experiencing driver crashing (all screens turn black, the game gets minimized and cannot be restored as the rendering stops) please use the drivers 332.21. Anything newer than that version seems to have some issues.

Multiplayer Alpha Recap

We are working hard on finishing up the Multiplayer Alpha and aim to share it with the DTM Experience 2014 Season Pass holders sometime in May. After a few weeks (if all goes well) we will share it with all DTM Experience 2013 owners and once we have the temporary R3E menus finalized it will be shared with everyone.

I had already mentioned these in my last article but the aim dates are pretty much 100% now. We aim to finalize the temporary menus around June so that one is not that far either.

Content in the Works

We are also working hard on series of cars and tracks we will hopefully be able to share with you very soon. You have seen some of them already but we have a lot more on the way. Here are some work in progress images of another car.

nissan_wip5-670x670.jpg nissan_wip4-670x670.jpg nissan_wip1-670x670.png
nissan_wip2-670x670.jpg nissan_wip3-670x670.jpg Nissan-in-game-670x670.jpg


Well that’s it for this dev-blog. We hope you have a great Easter break and hopefully some of you are taking advantage of the Easter discount we have going on.

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KartSim approda su Steam Greenlight

17 April 2014 - 10:04 AM

Con l'annuncio ed il trailer visibili qui sotto, Zach Griffin annuncia l'arrivo del suo KartSim sulla piattaforma Greenlight di Steam: se volete dare una mano a Zach ed al suo promettente titolo karting, non dovete fare altro che votare per il gioco a questo link. KartSim è previsto in uscita entro il 2014.


We're live on Steam Greenlight! Thanks for all your support to date and helping make this happen. Follow the link below to vote for KartSim, so we can release it on Early Access as soon as possible. Tell all your friends to vote and let's make this happen! As an incentive, there's an exclusive teaser video which shows off more footage from the game. More news to come in the next few days!

Zach Griffin


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