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GP Bikes Beta 6 Wip...

Today, 02:25 PM

Piboso si è messo sotto a lavorare sulla nuova beta 6!


Changelog so far:
fix: rider movement
fix: race length different for each category
fix: race classification
fix: reference lap time
fix: pitch setting for the second onboard view
fix: categories setup
fix: URL spaces
fix: aerodynamic drag
fix: rolling resistance

fix: 2D pitboard
fix: bike stand model
new: race laps length option
new: ideal lap time
new: clients list in web server browser
new: helmet camera support
new: "photo" page
new: chassis flex
new: automatic rider lean override

[AC] VAZ (LADA) 2106

Today, 11:08 AM

File Name: VAZ (LADA) 2106

File Submitter: VELOCIPEDE

File Submitted: 17 Sep 2014

File Category: Cover Wheelers Mods

VAZ-2106, 1.6, 74hp
technical data were taken from the official factory documents and drawings

3d model: Dmitryi Dzuibuk and Aleksei Alekseev (aspec7878 aka skip)
physics: Alexander Merzlyakov (Buzy-Wuzy) and Evgeny Druzhinin

-fix physics
-fix cockpit
-fix sound
-and more ...

Click here to download this file

F1 2014: intervista al senior games designer Lee Mather

Yesterday, 01:51 PM

Il portale della Red Bull ha avuto l'occasione di intervistare Lee Mather, senior games designer della Codemasters che si sta occupando del prossimo F1 2014. Nell'articolo che potete leggere a questo link, Lee spiega numerosi aspetti e scelte fatte per il nuovo titolo con licenza F1 della casa inglese.


What can we expect to see in scenario mode? How has it been expanded exactly?
The further inclusion of Scenario Mode has allowed us to create even more exciting and challenging scenarios. The real strength of this feature is in allowing those who don’t have hours to dedicate to full race weekends, to still enjoy some of the key aspects of Formula 1 in more manageable bite-sized chunks. Players can experience all areas, such as tyre wear, temperature management, fuel concerns, changeable weather conditions and pit stops amongst other areas.


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Intervista a Stefano Casillo

Yesterday, 10:40 AM

Il sito italiano di Softonic ha pubblicato a questo indirizzo una interessante intervista a Stefano Casillo, il "papà" programmatore della Kunos Simulazioni di Assetto Corsa.


Avere dati ufficiali aiuta moltissimo quando si ha un motore fisico come il nostro, mentre il feedback dei piloti è molto importante ma va enormemente filtrato e ripulito di quelle che possono essere lacune tecniche, di linguaggio e di esperienza con i simulatori. Personalmente preferisco di gran lunga una serie di dati attendibili [...] i numeri sono più comprensibili e non mentono (quasi) mai.

AC: Vallelunga, weekend di lavoro

Yesterday, 09:48 AM

Il team Kunos Simulazioni ha appena pubblicato su Facebook un interessante report riguardante il weekend appena trascorso: Casillo e soci hanno lavorato sul tracciato di Vallelunga in collaborazione con AUDI Sport Italia, per sviluppare al meglio la AUDI R8 LMS indirettamente confermata in arrivo ormai per Assetto Corsa!


We have had a great racing weekend at Vallelunga circuit: having our R&D Studio permanently inside a racing track we have the chance to cooperate constantly with motorsport. Last weekend we have received the new Fanatec CSW V2, featuring the amazing Porsche 918 wheel rim: we have had the chance to meet the team AUDI Sport Italia, all its personnel has been very kind and cooperative, despite of the pressure and the amount of tasks to complete during the whole race weekend. Some of the Audi guys have paid a visit at our office trying the latest additions to the development build, giving us their feedback, and it has been great to know that some of them already use Assetto Corsa: thanks to their support we'll be able to reproduce the amazing AUDI R8 LMS at our best. We wish also to thank the photographer Mauro Salucci for his great support, he's a talented photographer and he catched the spirit and atmosphere of this crazy weekend, as you can see in his exclusive gallery.

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