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rFactor 2 Build 880 disponibile

Yesterday, 11:24 AM

Il team ISI ha rilasciato la nuova Build 880 del suo rFactor 2. La nuova release non offre particolari novità, ma numerose piccole migliorie e bugfix vari. Inoltre è stata aggiornata la versione demo, che ora ci offre la Formula Renault 3.5, la Corvette C6R ed il circuito di Silverstone.


New Demo, now the FR35 2014 and C6R again, with Silverstone.

Build notes:

Lightened up shadows by artificially boosting ambient light level.
Fixed terrain shader specularity issue.
Fixed wet surface reflections.

Removed requirement for "_x64" to be added to 64-bit plugins. It's no longer a problem because they are in a separate directory. However, it still might be useful to for humans to identify which is which.
Added a new default method for assigning pit/garage spots in multiplayer which keeps them more consistent over a weekend. This new default method can be disabled by changing the multiplayer.json value "Assign Parking" to false (at which point it will revert to using the traditional team-based pit/garage assignments).

In the AIW editor, made the Ctrl-Shift(-Alt) keys easier to move the car when paused: 1) it now follows the terrain, and 2) rotating the car with the 4 and 6 numpad keys doesn't simultaneously rotate the swingman camera.
Modmgr now automatically saves/loads separate profiles for each install.

Items not in the build notes of the readme (no idea why, I grabbed what I thought appropriate from the dev list, disclaimer is that some of this could be held, I will ask for clarification):

Version 1.879

Fixed a very minor memory leak.

#ifdefing out more flash UI tendrils.

AI: smoothed out the corner widening associated with rcd parameter UnderSteerEffectOnLineThreshold trigger as well as with rear grip lose. Made the rate of "corner widening" relative either to the car's lateral velocity or lateral

position relative to current waypoint direction.

Version 1.875

Fix problem seeing steering wheel in rear look under certain conditions.

minor change to const char ptr to comform to gM2 API updates

Allow replays to run without the correct version of a scene or vehicle, but only after checking for the correct one first.

disabled virtual vehicle multiplayer transfer for release build

enabled virtual vehicles to be selected in multiplayer, with that information being propagated to server then to all clients.

Version 1.873

Some code to help with blurry rims.

Fixed issue where driver body sometimes appears while rear-looking.

Version 1.869
Added log message and assert if there are no collidable triangles in SCN, which isn't really handled.
Added proper fix for unexpected behavior - not sure what of
fixes to new pit/garage assigment code
fixed AI tire drag calculation
Made new pit/garage assignment work with driver changes (probably needs testing).
Added a new default method for assigning pit/garage spots in multiplayer which keeps them more consistent over a weekend. This new default method can be disabled by changing the multiplayer.json value "Assign Parking" to false (at which point it will revert to using the traditional team-based pit/garage assignments).

Version 1.865
Lock in demo mod when using creating a new plr file with the +demo CLI parameter set.
Changed things for weather and a few random fixes
More work-in-progress scoring plugin interface.
TTool: in the Realtime section, removed the somewhat-useless 'Width' and added the somewhat-useful 'Dynamic Unloaded Radius'.
Work-in-progress scoring plugin
moved version numbers for vehicles tree list down to the individual cars instead of the class headers
dev mode AIW editor fix for moving path on last waypoint of pit lane
New contact patch model is mentioned in notes, not sure if it went into 880 - will ask.

Version 1.861
Added additional options for the RFM variable 'FinishUnderCaution' to allow the finish to be delayed up to 3x. Previous options were off, 1x, or infinite.
Slightly better AI bumpstop damping.
Deal with some uninitialized data in old TGMs that is now actually used.
Most of new tire contact patch code added. Should be backwards-compatible (i.e. no changes to existing tires, needs new +ttool analysis to activate). Does *not* currently react correctly to changes in pressure/temperature/rotation/camber. - again not sure if in 880 - will ask.
Pace cars now look for a path called "PACECAR" to drive, otherwise defaults to fastest path. Fixed a possible game freeze using the AIW editor "move & Match" waypoint by waypoint manipulation function. Fixed a bug in AI logic that could result in cars taking high speed corners a bit too fast and wide.
fixed crash when scrolling mouse wheel in empty console
Added callback/lambda function for a procedure to be defined and called when a server service module (in this case skin transfers) has completed an procedure regardless if successful.
Minor fixes to prevent crash when exiting from "rF2 already running" condition
Slightly improved the data put into the dump file (when enabled), which increases its size roughly 3x.


There has been a couple of reports of what we consider minor issues (crash on exit). We would appreciate any reports you can give on this as there are not enough examples in the internal testing group (and wouldn't be in the unstable group). Multiplayer sessions, that is.

Auto update might be a while. At the moment I do not know when for that. I will not be posting this news on social media, etc, until I know what the release notes should actually be, so I know what I can highlight, etc.


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