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Assetto Corsa 1.3 e Dream Pack 2: ci siamo...

02 October 2015 - 04:35 PM

Dear AC followers, we are completing the final phase of betatesting, and we are glad to announce that Assetto Corsa 1.3 and Dream Pack 2 will be available for download by October 8th!

With Assetto Corsa 1.3 the process of improvement of all aspects of our simulation continues to progress properly. Here's following just few highlights of what you can expect to find in Assetto Corsa next week:

Assetto Corsa Dream Pack 2

The new Dream Pack 2 will include the Circuit of Catalunya, based on Laserscan point cloud, featuring GP and MotoGP layouts, as well as 7+2 new awesome and legendary cars:

Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattro Valvole
Lamborghini Huracan GT3
Ford GT40 MK1
Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003
BMW M4 Coupe
BMW M4 Coupe Akrapovic Edition

The Assetto Corsa Dream Pack 2 will be available on Steam by October 8th, at 7,99 EUR.


Assetto Corsa 1.3

64-bit natively supported and car physics calculated on multi-thread. The physics engine has been reworked to become completely multithreaded: as a result, the driving precision is augmented, the accuracy further improved and the physics solver has enough horsepower to completely resolve any difficult calculations any speed, achieving butter smooth Force Feedback and complete elimination of signal noise and vibrations. We'll be back with more details on physics updates when the new build will be released next week.

2D/3D models, textures and shaders have been updated and improved, in order to keep the standards reached with the latest content. Now windscreens receive shadows, and a new camera facing feature improves the rendering of 2D/3D objects on track. A first basic support for dynamic objects on tracks has been added as well, and it will be improved in future updates, with the aim to get a more immersive environment.

Fine tuning and improved algorithms for audio editing: all new cars benefit by use of new techniques of recording and sampling for engines, interiors and exhaust systems, also thanks to the technical cooperation of Akrapovic. This allows to recreate a more detailed audio trace and the exclusive detail of each car, improving the immersion while driving. Content that are available already in Assetto Corsa will be updated during the process, to bring them to a higher level of realism and in line with the latest quality standards.

Dedicated server has been optimized in order to improve general stability.
New parameters and features have been added to server configuration, in order to please the requests of gamers who are looking for a more comprehensive online experience.

Get ready to experience the most advanced driving experience!




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Playseat WRC

30 September 2015 - 03:18 PM


WRC 5 is almost here, so be sure to have the officially licensed Playseat WRC race chair in stock! Boost your sales with the utlimate gaming chair for WRC fans!
Contact us via your Playseat relationship manager, our contact form or Contact@PlayseatHQ.com.
WRC 5: FIA World Rally Championship will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita and PC. WRC 5 is the official game of the 2015 FIA World Rally Championship, featuring cars and rallies from the 2015 season, including support categories. The game will be released 9 October in some countries and 16 October in the rest of the world.
Check the Playseat WRC race chair here: www.PlayseatHQ.com/Playseat-WRC
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RaceRoom: Bentley in arrivo

29 September 2015 - 08:20 PM

We welcome @BentleyMotors to @raceroom for the @ADAC @gtmasters 2015 Experience!



G-Force LCD display by SimRacing Hardware

28 September 2015 - 06:12 PM



The G-Force LCD is a new display heavily influenced by real world racing instrumentation. Offering a very high quality image and fast refresh rate, the  4.3″ 480×272 TFT LCD display comes complete with our own free software, that is being continually updated and improved. The case is constructed from black anodized alloy and is fully enclosed, featuring stainless and anodized fixings and is of the highest quality. A number of brackets are available to allow the display to be fitted to wheelbases such as the AccuForce, CSW etc as well as a ‘desktop’ stand.


– High Quality 4.3″ 480×272 TFT LCD display
– Fully enclosed all-metal Alloy Case
– Pre-Assembled
– choice of RED or BLUE anodized washers
– USB Lead Included

-Free software Included

-Supports a growing list of simulations inc: AC, iRacing, GSCE, pCars, rFactor and rFactor2, R3E, GTR2, Race07. (more titles will be added along with more screens etc in regular free updates)






Game Stock Car Extreme beta v1.48

27 September 2015 - 10:04 AM

Il team Reiza ha rilasciato la nuova versione beta 1.48 del suo ottimo Game Stock Car Extreme. La nuova release da 753Mb, disponibile per ora tramite Steam unicamente per quelli che hanno aderito alla raccolta fondi della software house brasiliana, corregge svariati bugs e problemi, oltre ad includere ovviamente le ultime novità del simulatore rappresentate dalla Lancer Cup e dal circuito di Velo Città. Qui di seguito il changelog completo:



  • Added Mitsubishi Lancer Cup Series (Lancer R & RS models, recommended to run with TC & ABS on low as per the real car)
  • Added Velo Cittá Circuit (2 layouts);
  • Added support to 6 USB controller devices (increasing the previous limit of 3);
  • Added feature to automatically adjust Steering Rotation for each vehicle so use no longer needs to exit game and manually adjust controller rotation (see recommendations above);
  • Added option to adjust steering rotation in garage menu & adjusted default steering lock settings to provide a suitable default steering ratio for all cars (Custom Steer Rotation must be set to NO in controller menu);
  • Added option to map commands for adjusting anti-roll bars from in-car (for the cars that have the option: Stock Car V8, Super V8, F-Extreme, F-Reiza, F-3, F-V12, F-Classic )
  • Added option to map commands for adjusting Vertical FOV from in-car;
  • Tweaked AI to perform less strategical mistakes (such as pitting in the last lap);
  • Rewritten all car classes from the previous standard ReizaXX to a nomenclature that better represents their respective series;
  • Introduced native support to 9-speed gearboxes & fixed bug which would lead to F-Extreme occasionally disappearing when hitting 8th gear in a multiplayer section;
  • AI drivers now use 8th gear & DRS;
  • Added "Opponents Filter" option to quick race menu (for multiclass racing)
  • Replaced AI aggression UI slider with a set of presets low-to-max (max being 50% agression in old currency to prevent AI misbehavior in overly agressive settings);
  • Fixed bug with other cars occasionally "inheriting" 8 gears, DRS functionality from F-Extreme
  • Fixed championship scoring bug;
  • Fixed bug with AI behavior being over agressive with the throttle on corner exit leading to occasionally losing control;
  • Revised AI performance for all cars (balancing for consistency from car to car, track to track, session to session) - still in progress;
  • Updated ambient, curb, road & grass roll noise for all cars;
  • Minor aero & tires revision in all cars;
  • Revised realfeel values to reduce FFB clipping;
  • Tweaked alpha channels in skins from Metalmoro MR18, Opala86, SuperV8, StockV8 series to reduce excessive shiny look;
  • Minor graphical optimization;
  • Fixed behavior of driver labels

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